6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Car

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Cars are machines that we use to travel from one place to another. They are our basic means of travel in this day and age. Whether you live in a developed or a developing country, you can most likely see cars all around you.

6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Car

Cars have been around for about a century now. They were once considered a luxury but now are mostly referred to as a necessity. We need them to go to work, school, and run errands. They have made our lives much easier and faster. Traveling is much more feasible now. One could say that they were one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century.


Emphasize the fact that cars in the end are machines. As much as we love them and are used to them, they are machines. And like all other machines, they need to be maintained. Car maintenance is an integral part of owning a car. If you do not keep your car’s maintenance up to date, sooner or later it will come to a halt. So in order to avoid any unfortunate circumstances, it’s important to maintain your car on a regular basis.

In this article, we have listed some of the common and useful tasks that you should perform in order to keep your car running.

1: Know Your Car

Before you can start taking care of your car, you need to know it. Just because you drive a car or own it, doe not mean you know about it. Learn about its features and functions, how they perform and what do they do? Another important thing is to know about what’s under your car’s hood. Knowing about the engine will help you maintain its performance better.

All cars come with a factory manual. You can read that to learn about your car. Or in case you have lost it, there are plenty of online channels that will tell you all about it. Donut media for example is a good youtube page to follow for information about cars and their histories.

2: Check Your Tires

Checking your tires is something that you should do on a daily basis. Air pressure is crucial to avoiding a flat tire. And we are sure none of you would enjoy having to replace a punctured wheel. Thus, to avoid this unfortunate circumstance check your tires regularly for air pressure.

It is also important to check tire grip every once in a while. Worn-out tires can be a hazard for you and others on the road. So make sure your tires aren’t worn out and grip enough.

3: Inspect Fluids

Cars use a lot of various fluids. Every once in a while it is important to check their level. For instance, engine oil should be replaced every 2000 miles for optimum engine performance. You should also check brake fluid levels regularly to avoid any mishaps. You would not want to find out that your brake fluids are low the hard way. Transmission of gear fluid should also be checked to ensure smooth transmission in the engine. Coolant is also important in order to keep your car temperature from spiking to high levels.

4: Car Headlights and Tail Lights

Headlights are the eyes of your car. You’re pretty much blind at night without them. They help you see and drive safer. It is important to get them cleaned every month. We would also recommend getting them changed after some time to avoid any untimely issues. Car headlight cost is usually very low.

Taillights are just as important as headlights. In a scenario where street lights are not present, they are the only reason someone behind you will know there’s a car ahead. They help avoid accidents. They are also important since they indicate your turns and can tell when you brake so the car behind you can do the same.

It is also important to note that if your car lights are too expensive locally, you can find a manufacturer in China. They will surely provide you with much cheaper rates.

5: Car Tuning

Getting your car tunned is also very important. A lot of times a mechanic can find issues that you would have missed. Even if there is no real issue, car tuning can soften your engine out and make it run smoother. Changing spark plugs and other similar items can make a big difference in the overall performance of your car.

6: Keep A Record

We recommend that you keep a journal or a diary about your car. You should record all work done to it in that journal. This will help you keep track of when to go for tuning or to change your oil. It will also help your mechanic out in case of any problems.


Car maintenance is not a hard task. But it is not one you should take casually either. Cars are very important to our lives today. We are dependent on them for a lot of activities. Therefore it is important to properly maintain your cars.

In conclusion, the tips we have listed above will definitely help in keeping your car on the track and avoiding any problems. Regular body inspection and cleaning are also something we would recommend.

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