A Complete Guide to Check RTO Vehicle Information

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To drive a car on the road legally, you need multiple documents. The documents include the registration certificate, driving license, pollution under control, and valid insurance certificates. If you want the complete details of a car, you can check the RTO vehicle information. The wonderful world of the internet has made this service possible. You might need complete information about a vehicle when you decide to buy a second-hand car from the pre-owned car market. The RTO database can give the essential details of a car using a single click. All that you have to do is enter the registration number of the car in the search box. You will get the details including vehicle name, owner name, registration date, registration number, vehicle age, engine no, fuel type, vehicle class, and others.

A Complete Guide to Check RTO Vehicle Information

What is RTO?

RTO is an organization of the Government of India. It maintains the database of all cars in various States and UTs in India. For every state and city, there is a different RTO for executing the functions and activities of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The objective is ensuring the proper functioning of cars that are allotted under particular series. The RTO identifies the cars that are not taxed. Its role also includes keeping a tab on vehicles coming from other states. It keeps a check on cars that exceed the prescribed speed limit when caught on a speed camera. The RTO of a state has the responsibility of vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, transfer of ownership, tax collection, and others. The RTO officers check the validity of the vehicle insurance policies.

Features of the car RTO information

With the help of car RTO information you can check the following:

  • Owner’s name
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Class
  • Vehicle Registration Date
  • Car Model
  • Class
  • Insurance Expiry
  • State and city

Check vehicle information online

RTO or Regional Transport Office is the Government of India organization, which maintains a database of vehicles regarding all states and union territories and offer reliable car information. If you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, you should be well-informed regarding its background. Once you enter the registration number of the car, you will get the vehicle information online regarding its past. The vehicle’s registration number is taken as an input and it checks the vehicle registration for generating a valid certificate for it.

The vehicle registration certificate contains different information about the bike or car including the car registration details, blacklist details, car loan details, vehicle accident history, vehicle owner details, and other vital points. You can check the complete history of a used car and also get an accident history report and a vehicle history report.

Search vehicle details

You can find out the details of all vehicles registered in India with the help of the RTO database. It brings you with all the necessary details of a car at a single place within a moment. You have to enter the registration number of your car. You will instantly get details including the car registration State, City, and the Address, Email, and Phone Number of the Regional Transport Office. The RTO Database includes all States and UTs. Anyplace and any vehicle – you can get the RTO details.

Buy used cars from organized marketplace online

RTO information is necessary if the vehicle in concern has any issue regarding ownership or anything else. It keeps a buyer’s confidence high that they are not entering into any illegal transaction. However, the top platforms like Droom never allow any transaction without RTO vehicle information. It eliminates any future problem regarding ownership, change of ownership, or any other issues that may call on legal problems later.

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