Does AutoZone Have Senior Discounts

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Because the cost of purchasing auto parts can be expensive, it is helpful to be able to take advantage of discounts and deals. While AutoZone does not provide discounts on the basis of age, it does offer special promotional deals and online coupons through its website. In addition to savings such as these, there are also a wide range of AutoZone in store services available to make both buying parts and completing your task easier.

Does AutoZone Have Senior Discounts

Why AutoZone In Store Services Are So Helpful

Before you can obtain the correct parts to complete a repair or replacement on your vehicle, you first need to know what was wrong with it. In-store services from AutoZone provide free troubleshooting and diagnostics for a number of parts on your vehicle, including the battery, alternator, and starter.

If you’re like most drivers, you’re probably perplexed, even panic-stricken, when your check engine light comes on. It can mean so many different things. You have no way of knowing whether it is something minor or indicates a major problem, and even taking it to the mechanic to get it checked can cost money. Another option is to bring it to AutoZone for Free Fix Finder service. They will run a check and provide you with a report indicating what is going on under your hood at no cost to you.

Regardless of your skill level, AutoZone gives you access to trustworthy advice through Repair Help. If you don’t know how to replace headlight bulb, you can find instructional videos or a step-by-step guide. You can also recycle used batteries or motor oil as part of AutoZone’s in-store services, and if you need a specialty tool for a project, AutoZone offers the Loan-A-Tool program that allows you to borrow it with a refundable deposit.

How AutoZone’s Team Members Can Help You Find the Right Replacement Headlight Bulbs for Your Vehicle

The correct headlight bulb depends on the make and model of your vehicle. When you need to purchase replacement headlight bulbs, you can submit this information with your shopping list to the store through the website. When you arrive at the store, your shopping list is already there. Instead of trying to find the parts you need yourself, which can be confusing and time consuming, you merely inform the associate at the parts counter that you have submitted a shopping list, and he or she will locate the replacement bulbs and other parts you need and bring them back to the counter for you, saving you a lot of time. From that point, it is a simple matter to complete your purchase.

It is important to know that by making a shopping list, you are merely submitting your wishes to the associates at your chosen store location. You are not reserving the items, and they will not be waiting for you at the desk when you get there. However, your list is stored in the system until closing time the day that you submit it. This means that you can submit your list and then go pick up your parts when you are available, e.g., after you get off work.

Individual retail locations may have deals with local organizations to provide discounts. Ask the store manager about the possibility at your next visit.

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