5 Immensely Loved Video Downloading Apps on the Android Platform

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There is no one among us who does not like to watch movies or songs on TV. Once upon a time we were dependent upon TV or movie halls, but with technology available in the form of smartphones things do not work out to be the same. With the help of apps like YouTube you can directly steam the videos and then watch them on your app. But by availing this feature you are restricted to watch YouTube in this app. Google is not going to provide any feature so as to download the video and save them on to your mobile phone. Even there is no other app that is providing you with this feature. But some apps are there where you can cash in on this feature and let us explore them in details.

5 Immensely Loved Video Downloading Apps on the Android Platform



This is one of the popular third party apps on the Android platform. This is an easy app to download videos on the background and amazing features in the form of background download, multiple download, resume and pause, inbuilt player and a lot more features. There is an in built browser that helps us to provide direct access on to the site that we provide.


This is a prominent video downloading app that is put to use for downloading videos. In fact, it is blessed with user friendly features. The user interface goes on to provide an organized view that is split into various categories like TV shows, music series, etc. Among all the video downloading apps, Vidmate ceases to be the most popular one. There is a search option where you can locate the videos of your choice when you are downloading.


This is another video downloading app that is highly rated on the Android platform. From the prime source the process of downloading becomes easy and fast. Just you have to copy the URL and paste it on the source site. In addition, it allows you to download videos in any format of your choice.


This works out to be a straight forward app for video downloading. Not only from YouTube this is going to allow you to download videos from other source sites. Even with the aid of this app you can download HD content at a high speed. It also has the feature of choosing a particular format as per your choice.

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This is for the freeware YouTube client. Here the best of YouTube content is at your fingertips without any annoying ads. Another notable feature of this app is that you can use it without Google API and even the app can be run in the background that is normally not the case with YouTube. The privacy of the user is also kept intact as the data is not put to use for any other purpose.

The moment you search for the best video downloading app on Google there is not a lot to choose from. The best would remain the best and eventually it boils down to your individual choices.

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