Best Phone Cleaner Apps – That Really Clean Up Your Device

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Have you been trying to find a solution for your oddly behaving Android device? Well, what could be better than a phone cleaner in such a situation?

This idea may sound a little too obsolete to you because obviously, you must have checked the information on an open platform like Quora. There are countless numbers of quora answers that go against a phone cleaning app.

Anyone can present to you their personal thoughts and experiences. Hence it becomes absurd to trust what the people are answering randomly on such platforms. The truth still remains that Android Software despite being the most used ones, suffers through a number of drawbacks. This is why having a phone cleaning app becomes important.

Best Phone Cleaner Apps - That Really Clean Up Your Device


There are plenty of apps claiming to be the best phone cleaner app for Android but turn out to be a total bluff. They work counterclockwise in reality but pretend to be working in favor of your device. Such apps are the prime reason for those misleading quora answers.

Finding and removing such apps is just like finding the needle in the haystack. However, Google Play Store has been working diligently to remove such apps from its platform but still, some apps manage to sneak in. but you need not to worry because we have got your back.

For this reason, we are providing you a list of the best phone cleaner apps that really clean up your device. These are the apps that serve no-nonsense and aim at improvising the overall performance of your Android device.

Let’s get started!


1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner

Developed by renowned Bit Guardian GmbH, this app is the best in the category of phone cleaning apps for Android. It has been rated greatly on the Google Play Store. The types of features this app aims at providing are very helpful for the users. It is something that can offer a complete device optimization to Android users. Some of the great features include Android Speed Booster, Android Junk Cleaner, Android File Manager, Android Application Manager, Android Social Cleaner, and many more.

The cherry on the cake is it’s Android Antivirus. It offers complete security of your Android device from the attacks of infectious intruders that may hamper your digital as well as private well being. It is with no doubts, best phone cleaner app for Android. Also, it’s easy to use interface and agile operability makes it one of the best-sought cleaner apps.


2. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer

It is also one of the most loved phone cleaning apps on Android. With over millions of downloads and good star rating on the Google Play Store, this app is a great choice if one is looking forward to freeing up the disk space. This phone cleaning app has been developed by Ashampoo. It has amazing features which help you to speed up your Android device. One of its features aims at increasing the battery duration. If you find it difficult to spare some time out of your busy routine to clean your Android device, then Droid Optimizer is all you need. There is an option of auto- cleanup. This feature incites automatic cleaning of your Android device by cleaning the junk, cache, unnecessary processes running in the background, unwanted files, and much more. This phone cleaning app works really well to clean and manage your Android device.


3. Norton Clean

Norton Clean

After getting unconditional love in the field of offering protection to the users worldwide, Norton has finally ventured into the world of phone cleaning apps. Its performance as a security provider is commendable and so people expect something really good from the developers. Offered by Norton Mobile, this app has been used by many and it owns a good star rating as well. This app is one of the best phone cleaner apps for Android device. One thing about Norton Clean that stands as the best is its interactive user interface. The interface is pretty simple and bright. Then there is a section named ‘Manage Apps’. In this, you can manage the apps based on so many filters which makes sorting of apps super easy. There are other amazing features as well that completes this phone cleaning app.


4. Go Speed

Go Speed

If you are already low on storage space and have been searching for something that can fit in that limited space on your Android device then there is no better option than Go Speed. It one of the lightest phone cleaning apps available on the Google Play Store. It is very well designed to halt the start of auto-start apps which is one of the main reasons for low battery and sometimes even a slow device. It claims to be 50% more efficient than other such phone cleaning apps. It has a built-in app lock that provides tight protection to the individual apps installed on your Android device. This app is the one with limited yet reliable features. This makes it one of the best phone cleaner apps for Android. This app has been developed by GOMO.


5. Power Clean

Power Clean

This app has been offered by LIONMOBI. Power Clean is a good and light phone cleaner app. Users all over the globe have embraced this app like anything. It is currently running in millions of Android smartphones and tablets. One of the notable and appreciable points about this app is its operability speed. It is visibly quick in carrying out the operations. This is one of the best phone cleaner apps as it also provides Antivirus features to keep out the attack of the virus on your Android smartphone or tablet. The free version though has some ads while you can choose to go completely ad-free by purchasing its premium version.

Now that you have known about the genuine apps that will incite nothing spurious on your phone, it is one you to decide which is the best phone cleaning app for the Android device of yours.

Though, Advanced Phone Cleaner is leading the chart of being the best in the category of phone cleaning apps. The other apps can also be used to give all-round services to your Android device. Download now and start cleaning.



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