4 Great Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

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Digital technologies and the internet have a tremendous positive impact on the contemporary education and are changing the educational landscape. They allow modern students to get instant access to a large variety of online resources to expand their knowledge in different fields of studies, learn on the go, and buy custom essays to have examples for improving their own writing skills.

How Virtual Reality Enhances Classroom Experiences

Virtual reality is also playing an increasing role in reshaping the education and these days, a lot of people think that VR is the future of education. Read this article to learn about the impact of VR on educators and students and about typical advantages of using VR in the modern classrooms.

It can prevent smartphone distraction in the classroom

According to the recent studies, high school students typically spent one-fifth of their time, using their smartphones and tablets for texting, watching videos, chatting with their friends on social media websites and messengers, and doing other things that are not connected with their school work. Actually, they wasted their time in the classroom. An average student checked his/her smartphone 11.43 times during a lesson. Using VR in the classroom could potentially solve this problem. Students would not be able to use their smartphone for irrelevant activities and waste their precious time because they would have to use their mobile device to engage with virtual reality software.

It provides outstanding visualizations

With VR video simulations, students can have wonderful learning experiences and explore different realities. These things are impossible in the traditional classroom. These amazing visualizations impact the whole learning process in a positive way and make the learning easier. Students can get a better idea of complex theories, concepts, and subjects. Besides, they also retain this information better.

Typically, you can remember only 20% of the information you hear and about 30% of the information that you see. But if you receive this information through your personal experience, you are likely to remember about 90% of it. With VR, students learn by immersion and it makes learning more effective.

Studies have also proved that VR and the immersion help students learn better. Students don’t feel like they are working and enjoy the learning process so they stay motivated to learn.

It can eliminate language barriers

In our globalized world, we live in multicultural societies where people speak many different languages and that can be really challenging. If you want to study abroad, you have to be fluent in a foreign language to understand what you are taught and that is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort. When VR is used in the classroom, the software can be designed with the built-in translation so students can easily understand the learning material and achieve their educational goals. Using VR visualizations is possible with any language.

It ensures social integration of students

When students can connect and communicate with their peers, they usually achieve better results. Studies revealed that VR improves social integration of students who have different learning styles and needs. Students who had problems with communication within the group were accepted by the peers due to their strong technology skills. VR had a positive impact on the integration of children from ethnical minorities and those who had learning difficulties or problems at home.

Virtual reality is immersive in nature. It promotes curiosity and encourages creativity. Currently, lots of progressive schools around the world start using virtual reality to teach children different subjects in an exciting way and make the learning fun.

Educators think that VR has a huge potential to transform education in high schools and in higher education institutions, especially in STEM education.


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