How to Downloading and Installing Android O Preview

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Want to get a glimpse of how the upcoming Android O works? Want to know some of its features beforehand and try them out?. It is possible as the Android O public beta version is available now. Below mentioned are the steps to download the OS version and be captivated by its brand new features now!

The Android O developer preview was announced on 21st of last March, but was not present or suggested for the typical users.  Although at present, you can download and install the OS version on any congruent Nexus or Pixel product


Downloading and Installing Android O


Provided the user has a compatible smartphone and are very eager when it comes to technical aspects related to Android. Android fans can have a detailed insight regarding what Android has tp offer in the later of this year. Provided if the OS is very much bug filled or the user is uninterested in the OS, they can easily change to the previous OS. However, care must be taken to back up the data in the first place

The Android O public beta version is compatible only with a few Google products encompassing Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 6P & 5X and also with Nexus Player.

A public beta version of Android O can now be availed to be downloaded and installed in the devices which are compatible with it.

Downloading and installing this Version is very much easy and simplified thanks to Google’s Android Beta Program.  Devices which are associated with the programme will get Over The Air updates regarding the most current Android OS systems whenever the time for availing them arises.


In order to enrol with the Android Beta Program, the browser has to be accessed with the Nexus or Pixel device which is compatible and the link Has to be accessed. The user will then be asked to log in with their Google Profile. By navigating down the page, a heading by name ‘Eligible Devices’ where compatible nexus devices which are also synched with the user’s account are displayed. Next, the apt device which the user wants to enroll with the beta programmer has to be decided and then the green “Enroll device” button is pressed. Next, the box has to be ticked so that the user is in compliance with all the terms and conditions. Then ‘Join Beta’ has to be clicked.

The update alert will come to the nexus 6 device immediately although in some cases the users have to wait for 24 hours. Provided the user has not yet received the alert even when the time has passed, the user has to be integrated with the Internet and avail the Settings followed by About and then finally System Updates where the user can find updates.

The user won’t be able to get the OTA updates provided the user had in prior manually integrated and flashed Android to the device. As a consequence, the user will be updated that the verification was unsuccessful. Hence the user has to download and install Android O manually on the device and the user base can go by the guidelines which were used to manually install Android marshmallow. Once the update alert is observed, the notification bar has to be pulled down and Download must be chosen. Finally, in the next window, the user will see the information that a preview version of Android O will be installed onto the user’s device. After ascertaining that the user has the device integrated with Wi-Fi the download button has to be pressed and you are all ready to experience the preview version of Android O.

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