Know More About Adobe Premiere Pro

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Video editor software made by Adobe system makes it quite successful because many users from all over the world. Adobe Premiere Pro is a non-linear editor (LNE) based video editing software, one of the products from Adobe Creative Cloud with a very premium and classy appearance. This software development starts from the CS3 version which is only for Windows and Mac OS X. CS3 is only available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Know More About Adobe Premiere Pro

In 2017 Adobe Creative Cloud launched their product with the name Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. Not only that, all of the Adobe CC products are already with the latest 2017 version with a higher-end display that is better than before. Adobe Premiere is a choice of video editing software for professionals, especially those who like to be creative in their videos.

This program has been widely used in the large film industry as well as in various filmmaking companies or soap operas, broadcasting, and television. One of them is BBC and The Tonight Show, which are often used in films made by them. Adobe Premiere has various video effects around 45 more and has 12 audio effects. At Adobe Premiere Pro CC this requires a capable graphics card to run it properly. Sometimes people who complain about this software have large file capacities and must have a pretty good computer spec.

Many people who create expressions of their videos use Adobe Premiere which has had great success with their videos. The video is dedicated to YouTube and can be seen by many people throughout the country. Adobe Premiere has its own characteristics with a unique plugin compared to other video editing software. This time, networking opportunities like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of adobe premiere pro cc. What are the benefits that can be used in this Premiere Pro for editing? Check the reviews below:

The advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Most favored is having a timeline that can insert video and audio up to 99 columns that can make video freely and add audio starting from background music, Sound FX, and other audio.
  2. Users can capture videos from camcorders connected to computers or laptops that can be saved in various file formats.
  3. Easy to make the video title or text needed in your video, because it has provided 3 titles at the premiere.
  4. It has a very comfortable interface to look at, because of the neatness and completeness of the workspace by providing various columns with useful functions.
  5. Make it easy for users to manage files against what is needed in the video editing process that is used to be able to browse so that the process is faster.
  6. Have accuracy to the video time up to 0.01 seconds which can enrich the user’s video more leverage.
  7. Easy to operate for beginners because certain columns have specified functions in that column. If you are bored with the default look of the default adobe premiere, users can freely mess around with the display as comfortable as possible for the maximum editing process.
  8. It has a timeline that can be filled with lots of videos and audio to enrich the effects or enhance the videos that you make. The limitations on some versions are up to 99 video columns and 99 audio columns, which means you can make very many combinations.
  9. It has effects that are very useful for video editors such as the lumetric effect that functions as adjusting light, shadow, and highlight. Curve effect is useful for the sharpness of the image of the video. If you have an unstable video, you can overcome it with the video effect that has been provided by Adobe Premiere Pro CC, namely Warp Stabilizer functions for your video to be more stable from bumpy turns into stable like using a Tripod and Stabilizer.
  10. Supports various presets that can add a cooler and better video aura. Like plugins or presets that were booming, namely ChungDha presets with the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Other transitions.
  11. Adobe premiere can be combined with a variety of animations that have been created by Adobe After Effects because one of the Adobe System products that make videos more perfect.
  12. There are lots of video file support that can be edited by Adobe Premiere. Thus you don’t need to be bothered because you have to change the video format from one file to another before first opening it in Adobe Premiere.
  13. Supports a 64-bit system, so you can use more amount of RAM to maximize the editing process on your computer.
  14. It has an auto-save project feature that can help anticipate power outages or crashes in the middle of the road that can cause the editing project that you are doing to forget to save.
  15. It has the ability to create interesting effects that we can edit as we wish, such as zooming effects, overlight or overdick effects, and so on. One of them can make the words move according to the directors that we give to the application. You can also copy effects on one project to another.
  16. It has rendering or merging video features without entering sounds that are not normally available in other applications.

The lack of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • The first drawback of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is that it has a large enough file so that it can be more wasteful of disk space.
  • Requires qualified specifications to be operated with computers or laptops that have medium-high-end specs. This is very reasonable because given the completeness of features owned by Adobe Premiere.
  • Must buy a license that is quite expensive because everyone will not intend to buy it from the expensive software. Especially if there is a recent update you have to buy it again because there are many changes in terms of appearance to features added from before.
  • Cannot add keyword tagging in the library column because if you have too many it will be overwhelmed to mark a file for editing.
  • Does not provide a light transition effect or called a burn effect, you must have a separate footage to add to your video.

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