Artificial Intelligence Used by Archaeologists

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Artificial Intelligence Used by Archaeologists

Archeologists use artificial intelligence for different purposes. They can check different areas for specific patterns to know if they have archeological sites or not. Thus, deal with different areas accordingly to preserve the archeological sites. The use of artificial intelligence in archeology has many benefits. It is a powerful tool that enables archeologists to do different things easily. Also, it improved the outcomes of their job in different ways.

Finding Archeological Sites

AI enables archeologists to find important sites without moving from their place. By using satellite images, archeologists can predict what they will find in a particular area. This process is much easier and cost-effective than visiting several potential areas. Furthermore, it is faster and can help save many historical places. When archeologists discover such places, they will work on preserving them as soon as possible. Also, they can advise on not to build constructions near these sites. Thus, it decreases the cost and the chance of finding some historical archeology during construction.

Trace the Roots of Language and Cultures

Archeologists have done so many in discovering the roots of civilizations and languages. With the use of AI, archeologists are more powered to discover more in this area. For example, computers can be trained in old languages with the available information. Then, with the use of AI, particularly machine learning, computers can complete the missing inscriptions of the same language. Also, the same technology can be used to predict the faces of old prominent figures in history. Besides, it can make connections between data to figure out any missing links.

Confirming the Previous Discoveries

AI can offer a tool that double-checks what was discovered before. Therefore, archeologists will provide the computers with all the available data. Then, the computers with their intelligent systems will process this data and confirm or reject the previous outcomes. An example to illustrate this point is to check whether the materials used for making certain monuments come from local elements or other areas. Such discovery will enable archeologists to figure out if people at this place had connections with other people or not.

AI contributes to many fields, including archeology. However, it will never replace humans in this field. In the end, it is a machine, no matter how smart it is. Human expertise and perceptions of things are still a must. Yet, it can aid archeologists a lot in their job.

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