Work-Life Balance: How to Amalgamate a Healthy Lifestyle with a Hectic Work Life?

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Are you trapped in the cobwebs of workplace responsibilities to such an extent that it is taking a toll on your lifestyle? Looking for some inspirations to maintain a work-life balance to forge towards a healthy lifestyle? Well, we got you covered.

How to Amalgamate a Healthy Lifestyle with a Hectic Work Life

Undoubtedly, all of us have become over-ambitious in our work front which has made us busier than ever. In order to fulfill our luxury goals, we are cramming our days with workplace pressure to meet deadline and stresses to fulfill the targets. So, we are often found working even beyond the office hours which leaves us with little time for other activities. Trapped in this vicious circle, we are unable to devote adequate time for our loved ones, recreation, learning, health, sleep, self-development, exercise and even for mindfulness.

Why it is essential to maintain a proper work-life balance?

There is more to life than just earning money. Life is all about enjoying with the loved ones, taking care of them and even taking care of one’s health. As they say ‘Health is Wealth’, so you should strive harder to accumulate good health along with accumulating wealth. If you have sound physical and mental health, then you’d enjoy your life and be more productive in the workplace. This leads to an overall happy individual. So, it is essential to maintain a work-life balance.

Tips to integrate a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule

Just like we juggle between different things in the office, we can maintain a healthy lifestyle along with managing our hectic schedule. We just need to make a few lifestyle changes to get started. Here are a few tips that will nudge you to march towards a healthy lifestyle:

1. Take a break to refuel

When we have lots of work by our side, we tend to be hard on ourselves. We work continuously for long hours and are always in a rush to finish things. The consequence of such an approach is exhaustion and less productivity. According to various studies, our body, as well as our brain, needs some downtime to replenish. So, you need to have a pause button in your hectic schedule. Yes, you should know when to stop exhausting. Ideally, a break of 5-10 minutes every hour is enough to unwind. This break can bring you back to your elements and enhance your productivity levels as well as mental health.

2. Take care of nutrition intake

A person with hectic work life would give a hundred reasons to munch on unhealthy food, the number one being the scarcity of time to cook. However, despite time shortage, you can opt for healthy food. You can go for meal prepping. Yes, you can wisely exploit your weekends and holidays to plan your meals in advance. In this way, you can keep a check on your food and include food items that provide proper nutrition.

You can even spend the Sundays cooking healthy dishes in advance that you can even take to work. Furthermore, you can also keep a check on your unhealthy snacking habits. Instead, you should snack on salads, veggies, fruits, juice, smoothies and dry fruits. This is a great step towards a healthy lifestyle.

3. Perfect morning routine to kick start the day

A well-planned morning routine can be the biggest driver towards a healthy lifestyle. You can channel your energy in the right direction and give a positive start to the day that travels even to the workplace. Starting the day with an exercise regime, walk, jogging, running or simply by sipping green tea in peace, can charge you for the entire day. You should also devote some time to mindfulness, planning the tasks and in organizing your thoughts. It motivates you to take all challenges head-on.

4. Proper sleep

Sleep deprivation is something that is quite common these days and it leads to various health issues. Though hectic schedules can take a toll on our sleep pattern, we should try our best to sleep well at night. A good sleep at night is the best to charge the body as well as the mind for another day. So, you should have adequate sleep at night. It is best to sleep as well as wake up early for sound health. Furthermore, you should ensure to maintain a sleep pattern (sleep and get up at the same time) as the body responds well to it.

5. Physical activities

Physical activities are essential for mental health and physical wellbeing. However, it isn’t necessary to step into the gym. If you can’t take out time for gymming, then you can simply go for hobbies like running, swimming, cycling. These activities do not just boost the metabolism and help in staying fit, but they also help in de-stressing.

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