Misconceptions Regarding Hair Transplantation

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Hair transplantation sure is one of the most talked about procedures lately. It spontaneously relieves you of all your hair loss problems and gives you a fuller head of hair. However, with each successive treatment comes a truckload of misconceptions. There are several misconceptions revolving around hair transplantation which makes us shudder with fear. That is why we are here. We have debunked myths revolving around hair transplantation below, have a look.

Misconceptions Regarding Hair Transplantation


“Hair transplants don’t look natural”

The hair used in the follicular unit transplantation process is of your own head. It cannot be anybody else’s or even your own body hair. It has to be from your head to match your hair. So there is no way that the transplants would look unnatural or fake. In fact, your doctor takes care every little thing while hair transplantation. They have to take care of the direction of the hair growth as well so that it doesn’t look unnatural as compared to the rest of your head.

“It is only successful in younger men”

Another misconception regarding hair transplantation is that it is said to be unsuccessful in older men/women. However, the truth is it works even better in an older generation because by then all your hair loss has occurred and it gives the doctor a better vision as to how all the treatment is going to be carried out. This also doesn’t mean hair transplantation is not suitable for younger men/women. Younger generation usually needs a touch up after a few years down the line to check if any new bald patches had come up or not.

“It is only suitable for men”

One massive misconception regarding hair transplantation is that it is only ideal for women. However, the fact is women have a lesser chance of going bald as compared to men. Due to the hormones present in women, it makes it harder for them to lose hair at an intensity compared to men. That is why very few women find the need to go for follicular unit transplantation. That doesn’t automatically mean it is unsuccessful in women. The procedure is the same and results depend on each individual.

“It is painful”

Another myth regarding hair transplantation is that it is anticipated to be painful. The surgery is only performed after anesthesia is used to numb the area. One may also watch T.V or listen to music while the procedure is performed. Even after the surgery is performed, there is only little discomfort which goes away after a short period.

“Hair washing will affect growth”

This myth couldn’t be further away from the truth. For a week or so you are asked to be careful with your head, for example, you are asked to sleep upright or take precaution like not wearing sweaters that have to go through your head. Doing so will displace the transplants from their space. However, you advised washing your hair after a week or so. And you wash it as many times as you want. Because it avoids and reduces the risk of infection around the treated area.

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