Why a Tailor’s Shop is Best When Shopping for a Suit

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Let’s face it, the world forms its opinion based on what it sees. From a person’s look and style to the clothes they wear, they are putting pieces of themselves out on display. Clothes aren’t just for form and function, they are to make us feel a certain way, to put that part of ourselves out in the world that we want others to see.

Why a Tailors Shop is Best When Shopping for a Suit

For men, there are few things more dashing and dapper than a bespoke suit. While there’s always the option of purchasing an off-the-rack suit that would likely be ‘good enough’, do you really want to be just ‘good enough’, or do you want to be much more than that? Working with tailors ensures you are investing in a suit that is stylish, comfortable, the perfect fit, and ideally suited for its use.

Finding the Perfect Suit: Considering Occasions and Weather

When you first walk into a tailor’s shop looking for a suit, you will be asked what you need the suit for; this will ensure that the suits you will be shown are perfect for the occasion or use you have in mind.

Next, you will likely be asked what type of conditions it will be worn in. If it’s for a wedding, will it be worn outside? Is it likely to get wet? How warm does it need to be? These questions will guide the suit’s material choice. For summer or tropical environments, a lighter open weave like linen, cotton, or seersucker, and for colder environments, flannel, vicuna, or cashmere. A tailor will know precisely what questions to ask to determine the ideal suit choice for each and every client.

Style Choices

Not everyone has a natural sense of style, but you can bet tailors know exactly what is considered today or passé. There are some styles that are timeless classics but others that are just old-fashioned and out of date; tailors known the difference, and that knowledge is hugely valuable when it comes to helping you invest in a suit that will stand the test of time.

There are so many style preferences to choose from: a peak or notch lapel, single- or double-breasted jackets, pleated or flat-front trousers? If you are struggling with these decisions, your tailor can help determine which better suits your body type and your uses for the suit.

Body Type

A tailor can take a single look at a client and know instantly which types of suits will best suit his body type.

While single-breasted is better suited to a variety of occasions and is the more conservative choice, double-breasted has a more dapper look that can have a slimming effect for those that can benefit from one. For those on the heavier side, trousers are recommended to have a looser fit with a pleat. Flat-front trousers are recommended for men with a smoother stomach, and peak lapels are recommended for men with sloping shoulders, rather than square.

For men whose suits are to be worn in the office, a three-piece is a practical choice as wearers still look presentable after removing the jacket for comfort.


Realistically, not everyone has a limitless budget when it comes time to shop for a suit. In addition to the material and name, cost-deciding factors include whether you opt for a ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, or a fully bespoke suit.

For men with larger midsections, the only choice is to go bespoke to ensure a proper fit; anyone who has spent an uncomfortable outing in a suit that is too tight around the middle will attest to that. Slimmer men can generally find an adequate off-the-rack suit, with a few alterations, but if the choice is within your budget, you won’t soon forget the experience of designing and investing in a bespoke suit made specifically to suit every contour of your body. Bespoke suits are created from scratch by tailors with years of experience with sculpting the perfect suit that matches every curve of each and every client’s body. Those who have gone bespoke rarely go back.

When it comes time to invest in that perfect suit, consider enlisting the help of an experienced tailor. They do so much more than stitch and hem; they know how to help men choose the ideal suit fabric and style to best compliment their body type, use, and budget.

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