Top 10 Baby Gifts You Must Give

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Want to provide a baby gift that is actually wanted and needed by new parents? Check out the 10 must-give gifts on our list below and choose one (or more) of these items to gift to the new parents. These useful gift ideas are sure to provide plenty of help during the first few weeks and months of a baby’s life and put a smile on the face of new parents.

Top 10 Baby Gifts You Must Give

1. Diapers

Baby goes through a lot of diapers during his first year of life, which costs parents a considerable amount of money. Choose size 1 or size 2 diapers, since many people give newborn diapers as a welcoming gift but rarely the bigger sizes. Add a package or two of diaper wipes to go along with the diaper gift to complete the package.

2. Baby Basket

Pre-filled and DIY baby gift baskets contain a variety of items useful for babies and moms, including bottles, pacifiers, socks, washcloths, baby beauty products, blankets, etc. Create your own gift baskets and fill them with the items of your choice. Gift baskets are a nice gift for welcoming babies.

3. Diaper Bag

Diaper bags make it easy to travel out and about with babies. It holds diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, teethers and other items that parents need when they head out of the house with a baby. Sort through the many diaper bags available to find one that offers the comfort, style, and convenience that new parents need.

4. Toy or Soft Book

Babies cannot play with a toy or enjoy a book right now but that will soon change and your gift will become something he enjoys. Even a baby cannot have too many books and toys in his collection. Some stuffed toys can be personalized with the baby’s name and date of birth for an extra-special touch to the gift.

5. Baby Book

Parents need a baby book to document all of the baby’s firsts and special moments. If the parents already have a baby book, consider a picture album or a nice picture frame as a gift item instead. Nothing is more important to new parents than preserving those special memories.

6. Baby Bassinet

A bit more expensive than some of the other gifts on our list, the bassinet is an often forgotten gift that should always fill the bursary. A bassinet offers a baby a soft, safe place to sleep that can easily move from room to room so parents can keep an eye on the baby.

7. Baby Blanket

Baby will find one blanket that he loves more than the rest, but still needs a ton of them until that point. Personalize a blanket for the new baby or simply choose a soft, gender-appropriate blanket.

8. Gift Card

New parents’ eyes light up when they receive a gift card. While it may seem impersonal, new parents appreciate its thoughtfulness, since it allows them to choose exactly what they want, in all the right designs and colors, when they need it. As a benefit to you, gift cards are sold at almost all baby stores in denominations of your choice.

9. Changing Table

A changing table provides space in the nursery for all of the diaper-change essentials, such as diapers, wipes, and rash cream. Changing tables feature a flatbed to lay the baby to change his diaper. He cannot roll off of the changing table.

10. A Gift for Mom

After carrying a baby for nine months, enduring the hardships of labor and delivery, the pain, and now caring for a newborn, new moms need all of the TLC they can get. Provide her with a nice gift to let him know ‘job well done.’ There are tons of pampering gift ideas, such as spa gift certificates, gift baskets, skin care sets, and chocolates.

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Consider the baby’s gender, mom and dad’s personality and style, and your budget when choosing a gift for the baby. The 10 ideas on the list here are among the many gifts that new parents and babies will love -and get plenty of use from.

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