What is Temp-to-Hire? All You Need To Know?

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Temp-to-hire is a working model where a company hires workers for a specific period on a temporary basis. Once that time has elapsed, the company has the option to either end the contract or hire the worker permanently.

What is Temp-to-Hire - All You Need To Know

The company evaluates the worker’s performance and their fit into their work culture to determine if they would make for good permanent employees. The temp-to-hire period varies with each company, but typically, it is between three and six months. Seattle temp agencies can easily help you find temp to hire workers for your business organization and fulfill your needs for specialized talent.

How Does Temp to Hire Work?

A temp-to-hire position is very similar to a seasonal job. It involves hiring an employee or worker on a probationary period. It is crucial to note that temp employees do not enjoy the same benefits as full-time employees. For instance, they are not entitled to any insurance coverage or other perks.

Once the temporary work contract ends, the company can either renew the contract or choose to hire the worker as a permanent employee with the company. Usually, the temp period ranges between three to six months. This time allows the company to get a fair idea about the worker’s skillset, work ethics, and performance.

With temp to hire, workers are not on the company’s payroll until they are recruited for a full-time position. This implies that the worker’s wages and any additional benefits are managed by the temp agency directly.

Benefits of Working with Temp to Hire Workers

There are several benefits of working with temp-to-hire workers. The most noteworthy ones are as below:

• Flexibility: This certainly tops the list when it comes to temp-to-hire workers. If an organization plans to test out a new job role but isn’t very sure if they have the resources to fill it consistently, it can experiment with temp-to-hire workers. With a help of a good temp agency, they can have access to talented employees without the need for delving into any paperwork or providing any additional job benefits. And what’s best is that they can cut them loose at any time.

• Offers adequate time to evaluate performance: Having the right employees on board can make all the difference. However, identifying the best talent isn’t always easy. With temp-to-hire workers, companies can easily evaluate the skillset and work ethics of an employee before offering them a full-time position. They can have a satisfactory look at how an employee performs without the obligation of having to hire them for the long term.

• Time and cost savings: The recruitment process is a long and tiring procedure that involves reviewing several candidates. But if you work with a temp agency, you can free yourself from lengthy chores such as interviewing candidates, conducting background checks, etc. The temp agency will take care of all these things on your company’s behalf, ensuring that you focus on what is most important.

Working with a Professional Temp Agency

From the above discussion, it is clear that temp-to-hire workers can offer multitudinous benefits to an organization. But remember, the quality of these workers is only as good as the agency that recruits them. So make sure to work with a reputed and experienced temp agency only.

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