Writing Tools to Craft College Assignment

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Being a student is always a golden time ever for every student. Here you meet new people, made new friends, too much fun and falling in love. But on the other side being a student mean lots of studies, long boring lectures, and submission of lots of Assignment Services and projects. So to give comfort to the students we provide information of some tools that help students while writing their college assignments.


1. PaperRater


When students write an assignment on its own then it always contains some grammatical and spelling mistakes. So for that purpose, this tool provides proofread facility for your assignment. It is an online editing and proofreading tool that give suggestion by how you improve your writing paper. It will show all your grammar flaws that usually MS word will be missed.

This tool is also integrated with plagiarism search engine but it is available in Premium version. The cost of premium version is $14.95 monthly. But it is available in free version as well for students who want to just check their grammar and spelling check for you.


2. Australian Writings

Australian Writings

This is an approach or tool that most of the undergraduate and even Ph.D. students use. It makes the life of students much easier when they are stuck in such assignments that are unable to complete without the assistance of experts. At this website, students have a chance to share your assignment requirements to the expert’s writer in their relevant field. This will help students to complete the assignment before the deadline along with high0-quality content.

It is great opportunity to complete your assignment with professional writers. This will not only give the best assignment but also improve your writing skills.


3. Readable.io


This tool is useful while doing an assignment from a readability point of view. It gives a readability score to your assignment. For example, it says that your content is complicated then it means you need to simplify that content before submitting to your teachers.

This tool is also used many marketing experts to make their content readable. Your professor gives you any research assignment and wants your content should be the simple, clear and readable format.  Professors have many assignments to mark that’s why they do not waste time on the incomplete text.


4. FreeBookNotes


Are you afraid because your professor the assignment to write the review of the particular book? Now you might think of using Wikipedia and Goodreads such resources to get the details about the books that you want. But actually, the truth is that you will not able to find some useful resources from such resources. Also, your teacher may already approach this and here plagiarism occurs when you also write from this resources.

So for such assignments, Google introduces the FreeBookNotes app. here you can find the review and summary of about 44,000 books. When you use this tool you get very good command on this book.


5. Brainly


There are some assignments that are very challenging for the students and they are unable to handle them on your own. On such assignment, students want team assignment. So for this idea Brainly app come with us. It is very easy app. when you face problem to understand any topic then you can join an online study group.

Brainly is a great source of information that helps you in every subject areas such as English, math, science, history and many another subject. What you have to do just find the knowledge that you need, you just ask the required question here the online community will always try to rescue your problem.


6. Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Suppose, if your professor give a science project or assignment and you just use resources like Wikipedia and starting links of the first page of Google and submit your paper. As students keep in mind, by adopting this approach you nailed your assignment but not impress you and your knowledge.

But university students always want a genuine and authentic information for their assignments so that they prove their interest in that subject.  Scientific Research is an open source library that provides journals, academic books, and other useful resources. This app is ideally best for the students who want to get help in their science, medicine and technology assignment and projects. It is a guarantee that you will get the best research data through which you will impress the professor.


7. InstaGrok


This app is best for those students who required visual material while writing an assignment. Visual learners required a conceptual map for their assignment. This app offers the predesign concept map on various topics. Its visual connection contributes your writing assignment very effectively. It offers the fast access to materials on any topic.


8. Citation Machine

Citation Machine

When you complete your writing assignment now it’s time to create a bibliography. In your assignment, you must mention right references, recommended writing style, and even all these things take a lot of your time. With this app you can give citation more easily, select referencing style such as APA, MLA, Chicago and other. This is also very important to score good marks in your assignment.

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