IT Careers – Here To Stay

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Today is the age of the internet. It goes beyond doubt that the world runs with a click of a button.

Having said this, it is evident that the growth in the IT sector will also be tremendous.

In fact, the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted an 11% growth rate in a ten-year span, between 2009 and 2029.

This growth rate of 11% is much faster than any other occupation in the world.

Therefore, the most sought-after job today and during the years to come is that of an IT professional.

One of the main reasons IT jobs in demand is that apart from being highly paid jobs, there is ample opportunity to progress in the IT sector.

IT Careers - Here To Stay

With developments taking place every minute of the day, IT jobs are never stagnant.

It is safe to say that the IT sector does not only provide jobs but also launches long lucrative careers.

IT jobs are most flexible when it comes to progression and promotions.

In fact, a survey conducted by The Burning Glass Technologies concluded that IT jobs are the most flexible when it comes to career advancements and promotions within the same job profile.

They termed the IT jobs as springboard jobs because of the nature of a springboard that helps in launching and in this case launching a career.

The survey showed a 65 % stability in the IT sector and a 16% advancement rate in the IT sector.

The launch of IT careers

The roots for a career in IT begin right from when you are in college.

Choosing the right stream and learning the right skills during your course of your academics lays the foundation for a bright career in IT.

Today, there are a number of Top Education Portals that guide you through your school and college days.

These portals assist you in making the right choices for a brighter career.

Top IT jobs in demand for the future

Computer systems engineer

One of the leading IT jobs in demand is that of a Computer system engineer or computer systems architects as they are sometimes called design and create solutions for software applications.

They provide solutions for system administration issues or any networking problems.

A computer system engineer tests a computer system and ensures its proper functioning.

Computer hardware and software testing come under the ambit of the job profile of a computer system engineer.

A Computer system architect must have certain knowledge and skill to be proficient in the field.

Some of the basic knowledge required is electronics, software programming and the practical application of science and technology.

A computer system engineer should have the capacity to solve mathematical problems and be proficient in handling design tools.

Apart from the above academic requirements, a computer system engineer must necessarily have the ability to think actively and critically at all times.

Computer and Information Research scientists

As a scientist’s job is to invent new paths in science, so is the role of the Computer and Information Research Scientist.

He needs to invent new designs in computer technology and discover different approaches to the existing computer technology.

The job profile includes inventing new computer language tools and analysing the results of their findings.

A computer and Information Research Scientist necessarily needs to have a master’s in computer science or software engineering.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is nothing but computer services over the network or the internet.

It is the availability of computer resources, like data storage and power, without the involvement of the user.

A cloud computing architect is involved with providing these cloud services to customers. A lot of technicalities are involved in this job profile.

Since everyone nowadays is shifting to cloud computing form of computer technology, cloud computer architects are becoming the most in-demand IT jobs.

Cloud computing architects are responsible for solving problems that may arise in the cloud.

Database Administrator

Database refers to organised or arranged information stored in a computer.

Database in a computer is managed by the Database Management System. Database managers or Administrators maintain and manage these database management systems.

Usually, IT companies require Database managers to maintain the company’s database and resolve any issues that may arise in the Database Management Systems.

They maintain company sensitive information.

Each company may have sensitive information like company finances, security or other such records.

This data may be stored on the company’s database systems that may have to be retrieved and used at any point in time.

The database administrators or managers oversee the company’s database, its access, and maintenance.

Database managers necessarily require some of the most in-demand IT skills like SQL (Structured Query Language), UNIX and LINUX among other software knowledge.

IT Project Manager

An IT Project manager manages projects in the IT sector of a company.

The main role of an IT project manager is to identify the project requirements, budget allocations, and manage the teams involved in the project.

Apart from this, the project manager has to plan and organise projects within the company or for company clients.

IT projects are a vast subject matter and may involve several different types of schemes like software development, App development, hardware upgrades and others.

As the IT project manager manages the whole project from the top, the job profile has a lot of responsibilities.

Leadership qualities are the most important skill of an IT project manager.


Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computer software, applications and hardware from viruses, hacks and other malicious attacks.

A cybersecurity officer implements security measures that prevent these attacks.

Today, with a lot of malicious attacks in cyberspace, the role of the cybersecurity officer has increased two-fold.

This job profile entails monitoring software at all times and offering cost-effective and workable solutions to overcome the malicious software.

Cybersecurity officers need to locate and extract loopholes in the software programs and ensure that the program runs without any errors.

Application developer

Another most in-demand IT job is the of an Application developer.

An application is a particular type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks.

Nowadays, with everything at the click of a finger, computer apps are very popular.

There is an app for almost everything from buying groceries to playing entertainment games or even paying your bills and accessing your bank account.

An app developer creates this software, which is particular or unique to the specific task.

As an app developer, you need to understand what exactly the client is looking to achieve.

You also need good communication skills to interact with the client and various departments within the IT sector.

App developers need to be able to perform coding tasks for the development of the applications.

An app developer should have knowledge of programming languages and keen insight.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence engineer

Robotics and artificial intelligence have gained popularity in recent times. The demand in this profile seems to have risen over the past few years.

Even though Artificial intelligence and robotics replace or minimises the task for human beings.

The future will demand more employees in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

A survey conducted by Capgemini concluded that companies have created new jobs as a result of adopting Artificial Intelligence.

The role of an Artificial Intelligence or robotics engineer is to work with software programming. It should coincide with the working of a living human brain.

The in-demand IT jobs for the future are forever changing because of the high rate of metamorphosis that takes place in the IT industry.

Whatever the changes that take place, IT is here to stay.

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