Resume Writing Tips You Are Not Following (But you should!)

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We all are aware of the fact that the resume plays a very crucial part in getting hired. It is your first impression that a recruiter gets while hiring. Therefore, it must be perfect and relevant to the employer. But is presentation the only thing? No, presentation is just one important part of making a perfect resume. I am sure that by the end of this article you will realize that your resume writing has these points missing. This article will help you to know such tips that you might not be following.

Resume Writing Tips You Are Not Following


1. Presentation:

This is one important point that you can’t skip at all. It is the first thing that your employer scans. A resume can be said to have a good presentation only if an employer can scan it quickly and identify your strength easily. You should never overlook this part as it is an opportunity to create a decent impression. One easy and efficient way to improve your resume presentation is by using resume maker tools like Canva. This tool provides you with many different template options for your resume a well.

2. Keywords:

Use only relevant keywords and buzzwords in your resume. Overcrowding your resume with irrelevant words will make your quality to suffer. Similarly, a resume without right use of keywords will preventing you from getting through. Relevant keywords are those that are related to job profile, experience, skills, and the employer’s business type. Find out right keywords in your industry. Using these keywords wisely can really make a difference. But again, try not to use abbreviate words.

3. Action verbs:

Remember that your resume should have action verbs to portray your capabilities. For instance accomplished, transformed, improves and many more. You can use different words for varied job profiles. If you are applying for a managerial profile using action verbs like supervised, managed or directed are highly recommended. The best way to find out such keywords is to Google and research. Spend some time finding most effective action verbs based on your industry. It won’t take much time but it will definitely pay off.

4. Avoid personal pronouns:

Personal pronouns like “I”, “me”, “you” and more should not be included in resume. If you have included them in your first draft, don’t forget to remove them while preparing the final document.

5. Being specific:

Nobody has time to go through a 3 page long biography- says Prince Kapoor. The more specific your resume is, the higher will be its effectiveness. Try to be more precise and to the point. You can also highlight in bold or italics to make your accomplishments look more specific and visible. If you have a lot to share as a part of your experience and accomplishments then making bullet points is a nice idea.

6. Objectives:

Your objectives should be clearly visible through your resume. Emphasizing on your skills and strengths should be done very aptly. Depending upon the job that you have applied for, mention the personal traits like hard working, responsible and likewise. Well, let me give you a tip, ditch those old school objective with an effective career summary.

7. Recent information:

You should comply by the rules of showing work experience that is the most recent one and relative to the applied position. Avoid mentioning experiences that are irrelevant and old. Keeping it organized, concise by staying honest and positive is the key. Always remember that a resume is a reflection of you. If you want to create a resume then must try resume builder

8. Wrong vocabulary:

Using a word or vocabulary that doesn’t reflect who you are is a bad idea. The employer who reads your resume will not be impressed at all. Don’t overdo anything as it easily gets inspected by the recruiter. Use simple and understandable words only.

9. Identify section heading:

Some section headings are Objective, Experience, Qualifications, Skills. Hence, use only those section headings that are clear and self-explanatory. Strengths and accomplishments are what your resume should clearly reflect.

I hope that you found all the above points helped you to know what are points that you have missed for your resume. In case of any doubt feel free to contact us through the comment section below.

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