Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in India 2019

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Digital marketing is and will remain the most relevant and most widely used marketing method to promote and sell products and services online. So long there is the Internet world and e-commerce sector, there will always be the need for digital marketing. Traditional marketing is now a passé, and most businesses are adapting to online modes of promotion. In a country like India which has become one of the prominent IT hubs, the scope of digital marketing jobs is quite promising.

Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in India 2019



To apply for a digital marketing job, graduation is the minimum educational requirement. However, it is advisable for candidates to opt for a professional digital marketing course and become a certified professional for better job opportunities.

Recommended courses for digital marketing

Digital marketing is a vast field and covers various aspects. Either you can do a certification course for one or two specialized fields or you can opt for specialization in all the various modes of digital marketing. These include content writing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid per campaigning, analytics, Google adsense, on-page marketing, e-mail marketing and so on. Most institutes categorize courses as follows:

  • Professional Course: You will get to learn the basics of digital Marketing
  • Comprehensive Course: This course gives you elaborate information about Digital marketing
  • Advanced Level: For more detailed knowledge about Digital Marketing, you can opt for advanced level.
  • Proficient level: Experts recommend the proficient level course to get an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing to be an Expert in the field and have better growth prospects in digital marketing jobs in India.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

To get best digital marketing knowledge, right from a fresh graduate to a senior level position, there are different types of digital marketing jobs in India. At junior level, you can join as a digital marketing executive, content writer, SEO executive, digital marketing intern. At mid level, you can be in the position of team lead, link building specialist, web analyst, Google Ads specialist, Email marketing specialist, Social media specialist/manager and so on.
At senior level digital marketing jobs, you can be in the position of Digital marketing manager, Content Head, Digital Marketing Head, Digital Branding Head, Social media manager and so on.

Scope of digital marketing jobs in India

The whole world is going digital and India is no less behind. In India, the scope of digital marketing is very wide. The growing use of Internet, smart devices, mobile phones has all contributed to the growth of the digital marketing field. According to a latest report, the digital marketing advertising expenditure is at 116.3 billion and this value is expected to reach 434.96 billion by 2023. Almost all brands, businesses, organizations in India are making use of digital marketing to promote their products, services and businesses and make an online presence for the rest of the world. Digital marketing industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the country. More than 8 lakh job opportunities were available in India in this field last year. By 2020, the market is expected to create 20 lakh digital marketing jobs in India. So, when it comes to digital marketing jobs in India, the prospect is quite high.

Advantages of Digital Marketing jobs in India

As a digital marketer, there are many advantages associated with this job profile

  • Good earnings
  • You can start your own agency
  • You can be a freelancer, work on various projects at the same time and earn more
  • You can use your imagination, innovation to the greatest extent to make a product/service look more appealing.
  • Additional means of earning with blogs and Youtube.

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