What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Convection Oven

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You must have heard about the new convection ovens, maybe from your neighbors or someone from work. They sound something good, don’t they? Well they sure are a good machine to have in your kitchen, but before do you know everything about them, or is it just the good things that you have heard about them? Before you buy a convection oven, you must know all their pros and cons.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Convection Oven


To know everything about the convection ovens, read this article till the end.

The convection ovens are the ones which have a fan in them to circulate the heat in the oven. The normal ovens do not have the circulation power, they just heat up. Now how this circulation makes the oven better, is the real question here. Well, let’s see.

Even food cooking

Here is where the circulation comes into use. Since the hot air is circulated all around the oven, the food is cooked evenly, unlike the traditional ovens which remain cold in some areas and extremely hot in others. This most often leads to unevenly cooked food, which is why you mostly find your pie burned around the corners and still cold in the center. Since the circulation keeps the oven evenly hot, the food is also cooked evenly.

Faster cooking

Now again due to the even circulation of heat in the oven, the food also cooks faster. When the food gets an equal amount of heat from all the sides it helps the food to cook faster which of course is great if you are a person who mostly in a rush. This will also save some bills because faster cooking means the lesser use of electricity, so it’s good for your pocket too.

Cook multiple dishes with the same efficiency

In a traditional oven cooking, multiple dishes is a disaster because either one of them will burn or one of them will remain uncooked. However, with a convection oven, you can cook multiple dishes at a time with the taste because this oven would consider all the dishes as one and will cook them as one unit. I personally use Nuwave bravo xl 20801 for my cooking.

Cooks from everywhere

Remember how you need to put the dish just in the right place, mostly in the Centre, in a traditional oven because otherwise it just won’t cook properly? Well with the convection oven that is not an issue because wherever in the oven you put the plates the food will be cooked nicely from everywhere. You can check the reviews for the best convection oven available in the market.

So, these are the good things, but what about the bad parts?

Disadvantages of a convection oven

You might need to be creative with your recipes

The recipes on the back of boxes mostly assume that you have a traditional oven and the recipe is written according to that. So, when you are using a convection oven you will need to be a little more creative with the recipe and adjust it according to the oven otherwise you may burn some food.

Need more care

These ovens need more care and maintenance. They are more delicate and can break especially the fan. So, use it with great care otherwise you will have to spend some money repairing it.

The dough does not rise

If you are a baker, you might not become a fan of convection oven because dough just does not rise in them. The most common complaint that these ovens get is that the cakes and the bread don’t raise in them. So that creates a major issue especially if you love baking.

Apart from these cons, the convection ovens are great devices to have in the kitchen and use them for your daily routine tasks.

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