Top 10 Simple Gate Designs for Small Houses

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The first thing we notice even before entering any house is its entrance. And, what is a major element of any entrance? Yes, you’re right, the gate! It stands as the first impression for your visitors and sightseers. If your gate of the entrance is not that appealing it will destroy the entire look of the house. Small house can be enhanced in terms of aesthetic appealing by putting creativity at doors design and other such small detailing. Simple gate design for small house works very well and that is the best formula to upgrade the overall look of your house. Therefore, a stunning and majestic doorway can grant you the X factor you seek. They not only serve as a barrier but provide a sneak peek into your designing character.

Top 10 Simple Gate Designs for Small Houses

The essential qualities that a simple house gate design must possess are – resilience and robustness. And if like a tasteful homeowner you are looking for the same, then you, my friend, have landed in the right place. We, your Arch Digest folks, have compiled an awesome list of stunning gate designs –

Carving Style of Simple Gate Design for House is Evergreen

Carving is being done on the entrance and other major doors of the house for ages and this is something that never goes out of trend. When looking for simple gate design for house this is something that can be considered at first choice. You need not to bother about the trend that keep on changing after months when having such kind of door design for your entrance door. At the same time it also gives classic look to your home also. So make sure that you are choosing this kinds of doors at first priority and they are sturdy and durable also. So choose strength and design in one packages by switching to such kinds of doors for small house entry and keep it minimal.

Simple Gate Design for Home With Modern Security Techniques

Today the threat of security breach is at the highest risk. Hackers, thieves and robbers are making it very difficult altogether to get the best security at any place. Home is a place where we want to take a sigh of relief but due to the threat of these robbers we have to sleep in worries daily. But by choosing simple gate design for home with modern technology one can get away with such kind of tensions. So make sure that you are telling the door architecture to install the modern security techniques like hooter, security password for entre or such other things to secure the house from thieves and robber is effective way.

1. Reflect your Luxury through your Entryway

Image Sourced from- Houzz

Take a look at this contemporary elegance! This is what we were talking about earlier. A gate design that speaks about the owner’s and house’s character. A cracker design that will suit a traditional as well as a modern home. Such entryways not only complement your house but also add to its appeal. This is a great example of matching your design aesthetic cohesively. This is the way you can turn your house into a luxury look by just adding one good door at the entrance.

2. If it’s Wood, it’s Good!

Image Sources from – pinterest

Wooden gates are old but gold! They never go out of style. Creators and designers have come up with such amazing creations of wooden carved gates that they even put some intrinsic styles to shame. Wood is such good material to work with and the reason why it’s everyone’s favorite is because of the finish it gives. You can never go wrong with a wooden entry gate. So you can go with the traditional style of using wood for doors especially when they are meant for the purpose of entrance door of your small house.

3. Unique Door structure to woo your visitors

Image Sourced from – Pinterest

Get creative with your Doorway styles just like the one shown in the picture. Such simple gate designs marvel your visitors. They are not only stylish but also, add on the security factor for you. Made from a very sturdy material, it guards you diligently while adding to the fancy appeal. Nowadays unique attracts everyone and that is why you can also stay apart from others when it comes to choose a door design. It will also enhance the property value of your house as well.

4. Simple gate for a Narrow Entrypoint

Image Sourced from: Craftsman Fencing

If you are looking for a simple gate design for small houses with a narrow opening, opt for this one. This design is simple yet effective to be placed even at your garden or backyard gate. A frame like this one shown in the above picture might look lightweight but it is not. Gates like these are the most durable and reliable ones. If you want a fence that will add beauty to your gate, you can check Timber Ridge Fence Company. This is for those houses where the space constraints are high and it is very difficult to install a big gate.

5. Sliding Doorways

Image Sourced from – Houzz

Slide it one side or two ways, such gates wave off the mess and keep the entrance minimalist. They are easy to operate and since they slide aside, they do not take up ANY space while being utilized. Sliding door gates are easier in handling, maintenance, and operation. They are also very much trendy to use for your entrance door and can save space where you do not have much area to pull the door towards you. They also look stylish at the entrance and majority of the time made up of aluminum which is quite durable too.

The good part isn’t over yet! Such doors can be handled automatically via technology OR by a watch person who can assist the frequent visitors. They have wheels attached to them that run on a railing and therefore, they are easy to operate. This is an ideal simple house gate design. Additionally, (yes, we were not over yet) such gates can be custom made with materials of your choice as well. You can use wood, stainless steel, plywood, etc, whatever you want to.

6. The Ultimate Wall Fit-in Gates

Image Source:

If you are searching for a secured entryway without any gaps, go for a wall fit-in gate like the one shown in the picture above. They are very compact and they fit in properly wherever you want. These are perfect for driveways and parking spaces. So, if you want your space to be very private and secure, without any roamers sneak peeking, get this installed right away.

7. Sturdy Iron Plank gate

Image Sourced from – Castle Garage Doors and Gates

Another sturdy design is these iron gates made to withstand almost everything. You get total privacy and again no peek-a-boo from anyone. If you own a big mansion or a bungalow and want a private setting, then this is the best to opt for.

8. Classic White Charismatic Barriers

Image Sourced from – Pinterest

White color provides that elegant and poised look. It is an universal shade just as black which suits almost every fixture. So if you want to pose sophistication and royalty, white gates are your go-to. There are so many designs to choose from but with white, anything will aesthetically good.

9. Single-sided Contemporary Style Gate

Image source:

Well, in this article, we have talked about narrow entrance gates. So you can try out such doors for your home if having small house. But what about an entry walk which is even narrower? If so, check out this simple yet stylish single-sided entry gate which looks so modern. It can be operated single-handedly without any complications. Feel free to personalize your own style as per your budget and preferences. This gate is the most affordable amongst the lot.

10. Gate plus boundary wall combo

Image Sourced from – Upscale Living

This combo gives you the liberty to merge both a boundary wall and a gate. You can find the best security by doing this type of entrance with the door that secure the entire house. You can go on a brainstorming session with your designer and decide the layout of it. Such designs are very distinctive and very contemporary.

I guess we have done our best at covering all the simple, fancy, modern, chic, traditional gates that will suit your different styles. You can even merge a few of these ideas and come up with your own unique combo. And do not forget to write back to us about it.

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