10 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Working Properly

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A garage door is one of the most important assets to a home. It not only renders the convenience of entering the home by just pressing a button, but it also enhances the curb appeal of the house. We use it every day to access or exit our home. Moreover, it protects our garage from the elements and provides a secure space for our vehicles and belongings. We do not realize how vital these garages are for our home until we face a broken garage door.

10 Reasons Your Garage Door Isnt Working Properly

It can be very annoying and inconvenient when your garage door doesn’t work correctly. There are several reasons why your garage door isn’t working correctly. Sometimes, it is better to let the professional deal with it. However, knowing the reason behind this may help you decide if it is a problem that you can fix or it’s time to call local garage door installers. Here are the top 10 reasons why your garage door doesn’t work correctly.

1. The issue with the transmitters

If the garage door opens and closes randomly, make sure that your transmitter isn’t stuck under something that is pressing on the button. If that is not the issue, you may need to check your transmitter’s frequency. There is a possibility that your neighbor is running their garage door on the same frequency as yours, which can be the reason behind the random opening and closing of your door along with theirs. If it is not fixed, make sure to hire expert garage door installers Fresno.

2. Transmitter batteries are dead

Dead batteries can be one of the significant reasons behind if your garage door isn’t working properly. If you haven’t replaced your transmitter’s batteries for a long time, this is time to do so. It is strange. But people forget to check the batteries in the remotes and transmitters. When changing the batteries, make sure to change them in all transmitters because they were probably installed around at the same time.

3. Photo-eye is out of alignment

Photo eyes transmit an invisible beam that detects if anything is in the garage door’s path while closing it. It prevents from closing on someone or something and causing damage and severe injury to the property. If your door opens normally but not attempting to close properly, inspect your photo eyes. There is a possibility that those eyes are either not cleaned or not aligned correctly. Make sure to clean them and put them at the same height and adjust their angles.

4. The track is out of alignment

If you hear your garage door making a squeaking or a rubbing noise or slows down at a particular spot, it shows that it isn’t properly aligned on its track. You can also see the gaps between the rollers and the bends in the rail itself. It will result in the improper working of the garage door. The track’s alignment is an alarming situation, and it can become dangerous if you don’t get it fixed at the right time by hiring local garage door installers

5. Broken torsion spring

Torsion spring does all the heavy lifting and wear out or break more often. If your garage door is not working at all, it is probably because of a broken spring. In this case, you need to hire garage door installers Fresno. Do not attempt to fix this yourself or try to open the door. If you cannot find the most reliable and experienced local garage door installers, visit HighFive Listings. You can find the best service provider there to meet your needs.

6. Blocked door’s path

The blocked path can be a reason behind the improper working of a garage door. If you observe that your garage door is closing partway, then going back up, it could be because something might be blocking the door’s path on the ground. It could be because of the build-up debris on tracks, garbage cans, toys, etc. Make sure to clean up the door’s path so that it could function effectively.

7. Door limit settings

You might have noticed that your garage door closes all the way and then immediately goes back instead of staying closed. The reason behind this is the open and close limit settings of your electric door openers. You can manage the setting by checking the operator’s manual. If you cannot do so, it is time to hire a technician and get your garage door fixed.

8. The door lock is set

If the garage door doesn’t open after its opener motor runs for a few seconds, there is a possibility that it has manually been locked. If you have checked the springs and the door’s path for any obstacles, and those appear to be fine, it’s time to check if the lock is engaged. The manual lock is often present in the middle of the garage door. It is easy to unlock the door only by turning the handle until you hear a clicking sound.

9. Broken cables

There are tension cables in the door which allows the door to slowly open and safely close. If the garage door closes quickly, you might have a broken cable or the spring. If the spring is fine, then the issue is definitely with the cables. However, if you notice that the cables are broken, you must hire an expert to fix it. You may also hear a loud bang when the door is closed so fast. Before it turns out into anything serious, hire a well-known garage door repair company and fix it.

10. Enabled disconnect switch

If you observe that the operator is running, but the door isn’t moving, it is probably because the disconnect switch has been enabled. The garage door openers come with a disconnected switch in case of a power cut. It allows you to operate the door manually. You can open or close the door manually so that your car is not stuck in the garage. You have to refer to the manual to know how to disable or engage it again.

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