4 Technology Upgrades that Will Make Your Home Smarter and Safer

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Home automation continues to be a growing trend among homeowners. Everything from kitchen appliances to bathroom toilets has made our lives easier and more efficient. While some home technologies are just fun to have, others can make you and your family safer. These are four technology upgrades that will make your home smarter and safer.

4 Technology Upgrades that Will Make Your Home Smarter and Safer

Smart Lighting

Most of us think of our lights as a simple tool to illuminate a specific area inside or outside of our homes. But smart lighting goes beyond that and adds a layer of automation and security to your home where it is installed. Outdoor smart lighting comes in the form of spotlights, porch lights, and backyard light sources that can double as a security feature. Most outdoor smart lights are motion-activated, turning on or alerting the homeowner through their smartphone when movement is detected. They also come equipped with cameras that will begin recording the moment the light is triggered. Most outdoor smart lighting systems can connect to a central hub so that when one light is activated the other lights will turn on.

Indoor lights are not often thought of as a home security feature but they can prevent a number of safety issues within your home. One notable use of indoor lighting is voice commands. This is beneficial when you or a loved one are making their way through a dark hallway for a midnight snack. Simple voice activation allows you to turn on the lights without blindly searching for a light switch. Smart light bulbs are also easy to install, connect to your home’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so that everything from brightness and timers can be set.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are a notable addition to smart home technology because of the ease and peace of mind they provide homeowners. Everything from your children forgetting their keys to you accidentally locking yourself out of your house can be avoided with a smart door lock. These systems come in a variety of styles, sizes, and technology capabilities. All smart door locks can be controlled remotely through an app on your phone so that you can lock or unlock your door even when you can’t be at home. Some also have four-digit entry codes, fingerprint scans, or digital keys. Higher-end door locks have built-in video cameras, emergency sirens, two-way talk, anti-theft mechanisms, and an emergency button to call authorities. Smart door locks are a very popular addition to homes and are continually sought after by homebuyers.

Smart Smoke Detector

You’re cooking a pan of sizzling bacon when suddenly the fire alarm goes off. To halt the blaringly loud noise you do what every homeowner does. You climb up on a chair, pull down the fire alarm, and take out the battery, assuming you’ll remember to put it back up after you’ve enjoyed your bacon. But then you forget. Believe it or not, two-thirds of home fire fatalities occur in homes where the smoke detectors are disabled or missing. To prevent this from happening you can install a smart smoke detector. These will send an alert to your phone that the alarm has detected smoke and is about to go off. If you are simply burning your dinner you can dismiss the alarm and avoid removing the fire alarm completely. Additionally, smart detectors can be connected so that if one goes off they all will and they will always alert connected smartphones through an app when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected even when you are not at home.

Smart technology will continue to adapt and evolve to our ever-changing needs. For now, these smart home technologies can give you peace of mind without imposing on your daily life.

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