What Are the Common AC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them?

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With the summer season just around the corner, the air conditioning units have come back into the market. With AC units getting back to homes to work their magic there is the return of problems that are very common that every homeowner should be aware of. The troubleshooting of these problems is the next important step to be considered. There is help available from the top AC repair in San Diego.

What Are the Common AC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

With more than 90% of homes in the United States using air conditioning units during summer, there is always the chance of running into problems with the AC units. Since the AC unit might have been dormant for quite some time, a good maintenance checkup from AC repair Foley could be of great help. You could also call up the best emergency AC repair in San Diego here for further assistance.

So here we will be discussing some of the problems that the Air conditioning units face and how you could fix them in a lesser stipulated time.

1. Indoor water leaking

This could be major because of the maintenance overdue you might have. The major reason for the indoor water leaking is the clogging of the drain system with the growth of fungi or algae. Yet another reason could be the condensation drain system broken down and might need replacement. The way to fix this problem, which is the most common of all the problems, is to call home a technician or find a do-it-yourself solution. There is always the option to use a vacuum to remove the clog from the drain. To kill off the algae, there is always the vinegar solution which could help. Make sure to go thoroughly through the manual before doing it yourself.

2. Outdoor water leaking

If you find a water puddle right outside and under the compressor of the AC unit, this could be because of the dry air filter, bad AC seal, or even improper installation sometimes. The solution for this problem could be unplugging the air conditioning system because the running system might cause more trouble. You could call in top AC repair in San Diego for further assistance.

3. Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant of the AC unit is called the Freon and this is the element that is responsible for cooling the air in the unit. Sometimes there is a leak of this refrigerant which is a harmful and very common concern to be taken care of. This also reduces the overall efficiency of the system as a whole. The major way to fix this problem is to top up the refrigerant. But in some cases, the entire network has to be changed. Calling a professional and their timely intervention could be the best way to troubleshoot the problem.

4. Dirty AC filter

The AC filter is the one that keeps the airflow clean and free from any environmental pollutants. Having a clogged air filter is a grave problem that needs an immediate solution as it has an adverse effect on the ability of the system to work effectively. The solution is to clean the filter or wipe it down. There is a need to clean these once in two months and with newer air conditioning systems, there is a filter status that is readily available. This will direct you in making a choice as to how often you need to clean the filter for the best quality of work.

5. Damaged compressor

The compressor is one of the most important parts of the unit which helps in exchanging and regulating the AC pressure. There could be problems associated with the compressor that will eventually lead to the air conditioning stopping. The solution for this is to detect the airflow and then contact the best emergency AC repair in San Diego. If there is severe damage, it is better to replace the compressor instead of performing air conditioning repair.

6. Frozen Evaporator coil

The evaporator coil getting clogged up will restrict the airflow and eventually, the refrigerant would become too cold with every bit of moisture being evaporated totally. The air conditioning unit will eventually be disrupted with no available latent heat. The solution to this problem begins with inspecting and diagnosing the problem. Then the act of thawing or defrosting of the coil could help. There is also the method of using a hairdryer to do the same.

7. Capacitor failure

There could be times when the air conditioning just shuts off without any reason and has a clicking sound. This resents the capacitor failure. The capacitor is a significant element of the unit that helps in an initial momentum to start working. The capacitor could overheat if it is working round the clock. Even the fluctuations in power could lead to the capacitor failure. The fix of this is to regularly get the capacitor checked and this surely requires professional help.

8. Thermostat Malfunctioning

The air conditioning unit could sometimes feel stuffy and warmer than usual, this could be indicative of thermostat malfunctioning. This might be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust along with corrosion build up. In some other cases, there could be dead batteries that have to be blamed. Another reason that your thermostat is not working can be due to incorrect calibration. The solution to this could be to check the status of batteries and their functioning and to remove any dirt build up. You could call in top AC repair San Diego for more professional cleaning up.

9. Noises from the AC

This is by far the most common air conditioning problem faced by most households. A very loud, strange noise could be annoying and would be signaling a problem. There are different indications for different noises. Sometimes there is a grinding noise which could be due to some motor failure and some bubbling noises which could be due to a refrigerant leak. The solution to this problem could be to hire a technician who could help figure out the underlying issue.

10. Tripping of the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker tripping could be due to so many reasons like a power surge, failure of a capacitor, dirty filter, or any low levels of refrigerant which interfere with the functioning of the circuit breaker. Once this issue is noticed, be sure to switch off the air conditioning and you would need a professional to assist and fix this issue as there is an element of danger included in this sort of repair.

11. Pungent smell from AC unit

This could be due to the mold growth that is between the units. The smell also has different variants included in it like a gas smell indicates leakage of methyl which needs immediate supervision for sure. A fire-like smell could be due to electrical components and their burning within the system. The solution to this is a quick and thorough clean up of the entire air conditioning unit. You could also call a professional or further lookout and repairs.

12. Leaks in Ducts

The air conditioning unit could have some leaks or holes which could interfere with the optimal functioning of the unit. Leaking ducts can affect the air quality as the holes in the duct work can suck up dirt and other pollutants. This extra debris can also clog the air filters and lead to uneven cooling and heating in your house. The fix for this situation could be to look for tears and wears and then get the full check of the duct. Once the hole or leak is found, you could seal them off using foil tapes. This is a quick fix and for a longer time span, you might as well contact an expert.

13. Failure of electric control

The compressor, condenser motor, and blower motor are connected, making a connection to start the unit. A disruption in the connection due to corrosion of wires or the terminals can prevent the compressor and motor from turning on. Power surges can also result in electrical failure. The fix for this situation could be initiated to determine the electrical connection and then hire professional help to resolve the issue.

14. Fan failure

The fan of the air conditioning unit makes the proper heat transfer. If the fan is not working efficiently the compressor might end up getting overheated or trip the safety load on a whole. The continuous strain could eventually lead to damage to the compressor and the replacement of the air conditioning unit. When there is a problem with a fan of the system, there could be an underlying issue with the wiring or components. You could simply remove the outer cast and inspect the overall problem. And call for professional help if and when needed.

15. Airflow

Experiencing cold or hot drafts and the involvement of pressure imbalances creates the weak airflow on a total. Leaking ducts, vents blockage, and low refrigerant levels can also cause this issue. For a faulty thermostat, you could re-calibrate it and the problem could be simply fixed. Sometimes, it might be hard to pinpoint the exact cause, so always contact an experienced technician to help you out.

So these are some of the most common air conditioning problems faced by the homeowners all around. Especially during the peak times of the summer with over exhaustion of the systems, there could be more problems with thermostats and so much more components. These are some common AC problems that homeowners can face before or during peak air conditioner usage. You should immediately cater to these issues to avoid bigger air conditioner problems.

The Air conditioning units have to be regularly maintained and checked up before their use in the summer seasons. It is this step that would prevent many mishaps and further costs during the functioning. There are so many quick fixes and do it yourself measures that could help in eventually fixing the problem and for the optimal functioning of the air conditioning unit. But it is to be understood that professional help at times would save any danger to the elements and to yourself. The electricity that the unit might be flowing with could cause some serious damage if not taken care of. You could call in emergency repair services of other professionals who are well equipped in terms of knowledge and also pieces of equipment to handle any situation of the air conditioning unit.

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