Shower Walls: A Preferred Choice for Modern Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom renovations can be a costly endeavor, and many homeowners seek methods to save expenses throughout the process. Choose shower wall panels over conventional ceramic tiles as one of the most efficient methods to save money on your home improvement project. This buyer’s guide to shower wall panels will introduce you to the many kinds of shower panels available, as well as the materials from which they are constructed, and how they compare to traditional ceramic bathroom tiles.

Shower Walls - A Preferred Choice for Modern Bathroom Remodeling

Shower wall panels are exactly what they sound like. Shower wall panels are waterproof sheets that interlock together and are available in a range of materials and finishes. Shower wall panels were initially designed to hold showerheads in place and conceal plumbing lines, but they have since evolved into a far more significant component of bathroom remodeling. It is rapidly gaining favor as a cost-effective alternative to traditional waterproof ceramic tiles.

In an addition, shower wall panels are available in a number of custom sizes, allowing you to cover everything from the top and side trim to corner shelves and back wall trim, as well as anything on the wall around your shower down to the floor. Check out more information in order to have your shower walls a stylish and modern appearance.

What are some of the most common surface treatments?

Shower wall panels are available in a variety of treatments, some of which are particularly popular. When selecting your selection, take in mind the color scheme and design aspects that you have already integrated into the rest of your bathroom. You wouldn’t want your bathing area to be the only thing that stands out.

• Natural Stone Finish

Shower wall panels that are designed to look like natural stone finishes such as granite, marble, and stone tiles are a popular choice among homeowners. While these panels may have the appearance of real stone, they are simpler to keep and clean, as well as to install than actual stone.

• Subway Tiles Finish

Shower wall panels with a subway tile surface provide a polished tile appearance, complete with fake grout lines, thanks to the coating. This is a great option for people who like the traditional tile shower area’s appearance and feel.

• Wavy Tiles Finish

The wavy tile finish is available in tiles that are similar in appearance to the subway tile finish, and it has the same kind of fake grout lines. The only variation is the wavy finish, which you may have running either horizontally or vertically along the walls of your shower area depending on your preferences.

• High Gloss Finish

Shower wall panels with a gloss surface are ideal for people who want a bright and glossy appearance in their shower area. You may pick from a number of colors for your gloss finish shower wall panels, so you won’t be limited in your selection.

• Matte Finish

For those seeking a more solemn appearance in their shower room, matte finish shower wall panels are an excellent option. The matte finish, which is available in a variety of hues, is created by gently sanding the panels and sealing them with a layer of permanent sealant.

Shower wall panels purchased off the market are often simple to install and include installation instructions, trim, and a sealer when you purchase them. You will save money on labor as a result of this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Walls

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Shower wall panels are available in a variety of sizes that are bigger than conventional bathroom tiles. As a result, a few panels may cover the same amount of space as a few hundred tiles.
  • Shower panels are simple to install over any solid surface, and they do not need grouting to be effective. As a result, it is less difficult to install than traditional ceramic tiles.
  • Because of the grouting that is used, it takes more work to clean tiled walls. Shower wall panels, on the other hand, maybe cleaned quickly and simply with an antiseptic spray and a soft cloth.
  • Shower wall panels have a shelf life of about 15 years when properly maintained. A shower wall that has been properly tiled will endure much longer.
  • While shower panel walls are appropriate for trendy and contemporary designs, ceramic tiles will provide a touch of elegance to more traditional-looking bathrooms as well.

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