5 Reasons Why Single Door Refrigerators Are Still the Customer’s First Choice

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When you venture out to buy a refrigerator in India, you can see many types such as a single door refrigerator, double door fridges, mini fridges and more.

Among all such types, a majority of Indian customers still prefer buying a single door refrigerator. A single door fridge is not only economical but even energy-efficient. These reasons are enough for anyone to buy a single door fridge as it can save money on buying and save on power bills while using it.

5 Reasons Why Single Door Refrigerators Are Still the Customers First Choice

In the same context, let’s enlist some reasons that will prove why an LG refrigerator single door or any brand is still a favorite of the customer.

1) Small fridge for a small family

People don’t like to own bulky things and prefer compactness these days. Same goes for the size of a refrigerator also. When you have just started earning, recently married, have a child or have a family of 2-4 members, a single door fridge can do the job. A single door fridge comes with a capacity of 170-200 liters which is fine for a nuclear family. Single door fridges can also retain the moisture level of vegetables and fruits for a longer time than the double doors. Hence, buying a Haier refrigerator single door or any other brand is a win-win situation for all.

2) Reduced power consumption

Nobody wants to pay a higher electricity bill after having invested a large amount in buying a home appliance such as a double door fridge. A single door fridge is also economical in its power usage. Hence, when it consumes lesser power units, you end up paying lower electricity bills. A single door refrigerator consumes up to 30-40% lower power than double door fridges. Thus, buying a single door fridge helps in lightening the monetary burden, but even assists in the conservation of electricity. Look for the most suitable light company with plans that will meet your needs while still preventing you from increasing your monthly electric bill.

3) Lesser space utilization

You don’t need to make extra spaces like in the case of a double door fridge when installing the single door refrigerator. It can be installed in your kitchen in a corner. Space management in modern houses in a metro city can be an issue. And the purchasing of a single door fridge can help you fit it anywhere without issues.

4) Maintenance and cleaning

It is a given thing that small spaces take less time and efforts in maintaining and clearing. And fridges are no exceptions. With smaller sizes and just one door, it is much easier to marinating a single door fridge than a double door refrigerator. What’s more, it can also save your precious time and keeps you away from extra workload as you end up cleaning the single door fridge in a jiffy. And in today’s time, ‘time is money,’ right?

5) Cooling technology

Single door refrigerators come with direct cool technology. It means that it enables the natural process of convection cooling to cool things placed in it. On the other hand, a double door fridge uses extra electric fans to spread the cooling inside it. As a result, they end up consuming extra power leading to higher electricity bills.

Buy single door refrigerators now on easy EMIs

Why buying a single door refrigerator is beneficial, and reasons to choose it are now discussed. You can buy an LG refrigerator single door or any other brand on No Cost EMI if you want to pay in easy instalments to manage your monthly outlays.

You can spread the cost of your single door fridge over a tenor and pay only a fixed EMI amount per month and nothing extra. It can help you save big compared to other payment alternatives. The No Cost EMI facility is presented by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India.

Bottom Line: Even though we have boasted single door refrigerators in the whole article, a double door refrigerator is much recommended for bigger families. In fact, if you the budget or you own a credit or EMI network card, you can buy a double door refrigerator that boasts 5-star rating along with useful features and specifications.It has been always seen that technology keeps on changing and with that change we should also update our home appliances as well whether it comes to a single door or double door refrigerator. Moving with the pace of technology is very essential and necessary to keep up with the trend.

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