Use These 4 Tactics to Keep Your Bristol Home Pest Free

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When you’re tucked away in your house, the last thing you want is an unwanted visitor disturbing your peace. Pests make their way into homes to find shelter from the elements, and to set up their nests. However, their presence can be devastating, especially if their numbers grow out of control and damage is caused. Luckily, there are plenty of methods for keeping pests out of the home, and we’ve gathered them together below.

Close Any Pest Entrances

Bristol Pest Control experts will tell you that securing your home’s entry points is one of the best ways to keep pests away. Pests will typically enter your home at the following locations:

  • Windows and doors
  • Exposed firewood
  • Vents and exhaust fans
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Garage doors
  • Guttering

If you’re unsure about how to fortify all of these pest entrance points, you should consult with a local Bristol Pest Controller, who will be able to direct you.

Protect Your Windows

When the warmer months arrive, the majority of people open their windows without giving much thought to the number of flies entering their homes. Unfortunately, some of them may decide that your home makes the perfect breeding ground, and the following summer you have flies erupting from every nook and crevice. To steal away the opportunity for nesting flies, consider putting up a window screen.

Discard Old Food

Pests don’t care what your home looks like; they’re only there to escape the elements and help themselves to food, and they don’t care where it comes from. Pests will eat anything from unopened food on the side, to food scraps in open bins, and any food that’s fallen onto the floor or in the back of cupboards. To remove their banquet, you need to discard all food and make sure all food prep areas are clean.

Clean Your Home Regularly

All expert Bristol pest control services, like Advance Pest Control Bristol, will tell you that a messy home is a haven for pests, making regular household cleaning an essential task. Removing clutter around your home will make it more difficult for pests to find a nest, especially when rats and mice enjoy comfort. When you do clean your home, you need to be pulling out furniture and scrubbing away dirt, as this will remove appealing filth.

Act Swiftly If You See Evidence of Pests

Regardless of the defensive efforts you put in place, some pests will still likely make their way into your home. Therefore, if you notice evidence of pests, get in touch with a pest controller. You should do this swiftly, as pests will be easier to drive out before their numbers multiply.

If pests are left to take over your home, you’ll soon begin to feel frustrated, and your health will be in jeopardy. Therefore, you must get proactive by preventing initial access. However, if they do get past your defences, contact a high-quality service for pest control in Bristol.

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