Money-Saving Tips During A Landscape Renovation Project

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Just like any other remodeling project, the cost of renovating your landscape can add up quickly. With assistance from a professional landscape contractor, the use of appropriate design ideas and making good decisions will stretch your budget. This will allow pulling off the perfect look and feel of your dream outdoor space without spending a fortune.

Money-Saving Tips During A Landscape Renovation Project

Here are ways to save on landscape renovation

Opt for cheap hardscapes

Hardscape features include pavers, pathways, and patios. These usually take a big portion of the landscape renovation budget. And their installation costs some good money as well. When considering a budget-friendly landscape renovation project, opt for cheaper hardscape materials. These can be temporary or permanent.

The use of pavers and gravel in place of cut stone on the walkway and patio saves significantly. Gravel is a permanent and affordable substitute for cut stone. A mixture of concrete and gravel is ideal for creating furniture pads. Plants require regular maintenance in the form of trimming and watering. However, hardscapes require maintenance to restore their look after some time.

Use native plants

Plants feature significantly in a landscape project. However, exotic plants need watering often. To cut down on your water bill, landscaping contractors in Sacramento recommend native plants such as ground covers and perennial plants. These are more likely to grow well in that climate and require little water. A great idea is to forget about having a lawn to save on maintenance and water.

Repurpose materials

Before the contractor begins to rip out everything from your yard, consider identifying what you have. It is very cost-effective to repurpose your existing materials and plants. Look for high-quality and long-lasting ones to save on your budget while enhancing your landscape design.

Items like a combination of clay pavers and bricks for creating a walkway will make your space look new. Additionally, you can give the fence and gates a fresh coat of paint to get an updated look. A fresh coat of paint is just enough to make an outdated item look new without spending a fortune.

Consider using salvaged materials in your area.

If you lack existing materials you can repurpose, there is a chance of someone in your community having some. Visit local material warehouses and salvage yards. Perhaps you can find brick pallets for redwood boards or patio. You can buy these for half the price of purchasing new materials.

Always buy wood, gravel, and cut stone coming from your local area. These are more likely to be affordable compared to materials transported from distant places. Additionally, local materials are more likely to match seamlessly with the natural tons of your landscape. A professional landscaping contractor from Albuquerque Landscape Design will know someone in their network with local materials to use on your project.

Invest in small plants

To cut down your budget for renovating your landscape, downsizing plants is a great idea. Buying small plants is cheaper, yet they will grow to full size after some time. Plants in small containers such as perennial, ornamental grasses, herbs, and vines will fill up quickly.

Keep in mind that some plants, including cactuses, succulents, trees, and shrubs, take a long time to mature according to their species. So, you can throw in some mature plants to create a dramatic impact backed by shrubs for screening.

Opt for perennial plants

When selecting plants for your landscape, perennials that grow annually are a better choice. These don’t need buying again to replant after a season. The perfect time to plant is in fall where nurseries are usually filled with various perennials. A cheaper way to get plants is to swap with another homeowner.

Here you exchange the plants you have for those you don’t have without spending money. Perennial plants save money and usually cost one-third of the cost of annual plants in the nurseries. Additionally, fertilizers, soil amendments, mulch, and gravel for perennial crops are affordable. A professional landscaper will guide you on appropriate spacing and depth for an excellent job.

Buy discounted containers

You have already noticed that perennial plants are more cost-effective during a landscaping renovation. These are for planting in containers. Look for stores with discounted prices, especially those clearing their inventory after the growing season. Here, you’re likely to find a variety of planters and pots for planting. There’s a chance of getting durable containers made of natural stone for your low-maintenance perennial plants.

Complete the project in phases

Lastly, you can save when you complete a significant landscape overhaul in phases. You have to work with a landscape contractor for guidance at every stage. The professional will design the project and divide the phases according to your budget. A plan for the project brings costs down significantly and eliminates chances of doing double work.

Bottom line

A landscape renovation allows improving the aesthetics and value of your property. Doing this is possible without spending a fortune. You need to work with a landscape contractor to recommend some cost-saving ideas such as those highlighted above.

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