Top 5 College Student Jobs to Work Part-Time and Make Money

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Higher Education is must for every student across the world and when you look at the academic expenses part, it puts a much burden on students and their parents (or) guardians.

As a college student, you should cover all the expenses such as rent, food, books, exam fees and bills, project expenses etc.

If a student is from an upper-middle class family, then it is easier for them to cover all these expenses. At the same time, when the parents are suffering even to for survival, students have to take the responsibility.

Thanks to the Internet as it has a lot of opportunities to earn money by working part-time (or) daily evening from their computer.

In this article, we will discuss some of the easy college student jobs that can be done from their own comfort without affecting their studies.


Top 5 College Student Jobs to Work Part-Time and Make Money


If you are a college student (or) looking to go to college sooner, you can find this list of online jobs from home very useful for your career.

1.) Online Surveys:

This is the first recommended college student jobs because online surveys are very easy to work and earn. This process is very simple, that you can make revenue by answering a few set of questions.

Normally a single completed survey will pay you between $5 – $50 and it hardly takes you a couple of minutes to complete.

It is having the facility to carry this job from your Smartphone. Payment will be made via payment processor such as PayPal (or) Flipkart, Amazon, eBay gift vouchers.

What is a survey? MNC companies launch products (or) services and they need their consumer feedback to improve their business in future for long-term sustainability.

To get their consumer feedback, conducting online surveys are the best option and online survey companies will do the task on their behalf.

How to Start? You have to register a free account with the below-recommended sites and verify your email. Then login to your profile and complete all your personal surveys.

It is very necessary because your eligibility will be calculated based on your profile surveys. Upon your eligibility, you will be invited via email to attend the surveys.

Payment as said, will be paid via PayPal (or) as a gift voucher.

Recommend Sites:

  • Global Test Market
  • Clixsense
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars.


2.) Ad Clicking Jobs:

The second best option for college students to earn quick money online was working with Ad clicking Jobs. This method also works same like surveys, where here you will be paid for watching ads in computer browsers.

Same MNC companies need to market their products (or) services and they seek PTC sites to advertise their online ad. Why because PTC sites have a large database of members from different parts of the world.

They are ready to view these advertisements. For each ad you are viewing you will be paid between 0.001$ to 0.1$ for 5 – 30-second ads.

How to Start? Just complete the registration process with the list of below mentioned PTC sites and verify your email. Log in to your account and view all available ads daily to earn money.

When you refer someone to this site, you will earn a lifetime referral commission of up to 50%. A smart way to increase your revenue.

Payments will be made via PayPal and/or Payza. You should raise a request once you reached the minimum payout level. I am personally earning $100 – $200 every month from this method since from my college days.

Recommended sites:

  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Scarlet Clicks
  • GPT Planet
  • Ayuwage


3.) Freelance Writing:

It is the easiest and best paying online jobs from home for college students. Normally we study our academic books and write some assignments for our internal exams.

The same approach here makes you money for your college expenses. Now tell me, how easy it is to write an article on a given topic and getting paid for every submission.

There are two ways you can start working on this method: Either work as a freelance writer (or) work for a particular blog (or) a project.

Online businesses and blogs are actively searching for the best creative content writers to write for their blog (or) about their products and services.

You can earn per article basis, for an example, normally in countries like India, a freelancer content writer earns up to Rs. 3000 (50$ USD) per high-quality article.

You can even earn money by writing Whatsapp Status

Some of the great recommended sites to find genuine writing jobs include:

  • Freelancer site
  • Elance
  • O’desk


4.) Online Tutoring:

Teaching someone else increases your knowledge at the same time will help you earn some additional revenue by working as an online tutor.

If you are having a sound knowledge of a specific subject, you can work as an online tutor. You can take tuition to students through live video conferencing (or) in person and help them to shine in their academics.

The boundary is not the limit for online tutoring and it is considered as the best college student jobs for anyone looking for an additional opportunity.

You can earn up to $50 per hour for a minimum of 2Hr session per day on any subject you are very interested in.

How to start? It’s easy as there are plenty of online tutoring websites hiring online tutors to work for them. We have some recommended list below to register an account.

Great sites to join:

  • Tutor Vista
  • Flex Jobs


5.) Blogging:

I started blogging during my college days with free blogging platform from Blogger. I learned to blog and now I am full-time blogger earning six-digit income every month.

2018 had brought the lots of changes in blogging industry like WordPress CMS, Google Adsense Program, Affiliate Marketing Program and so on.

So I recommend start a blog today and work on your blog whenever you find the time. Write some articles on the topic you are passionate about and publish on your blog.

Share the blog with your friends, social media and submit to Google and other search engines to drive traffic over time.

Blogging is the easiest college student jobs which makes them create an excellent income by working in their part-time.

How to start? Write your interested topic/niche you are passionate about and then register a domain and purchase the hosting. Word Press is free to use and install a perfect theme matching your topic.

Write some interesting contents, facts, tutorials, DIY guides and publish. Do some promotional activities to drive traffic and potentially generate revenue.

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Requirements for College Student Jobs?

I have listed a very few top 5 online college student jobs that are very genuine and easy to start in 2018. These jobs normally won’t disturb your academic studies and you can do whenever you find free time.

Like every other job, online jobs also need some tools in place to carry our work. So, here is the list to be prepared before starting these work.

  1. A Computer (or) Laptop with an active Internet connection.
  2. Gmail Account to register with job sites.
  3. Bank Account for receiving payments.
  4. Payment Processor accounts such as PayPal (and/or) Payza.
  5. Microsoft Word, Excel to take records.

If you have all these things, you are good to go. Finding an online job is a tough task because the internet is full of scams.

People are looking for instant money which is not possible as earning money will take some time. You should first learn the system, analyze how it works and then proceed to work.


Want to earn from home? then these methods are best for you. Try them and send us feedback.


Every college student parents were not sufficient enough to pay for their son/daughter college fees including other expenses.

To reduce their burden, as a responsible son/daughter you should do some online jobs at your convenience to share their burden.

Hope this list of college student jobs is precise and give you all required information to find a suitable side hustle jobs while studying.

Be a responsible citizen and all the best. Comments are welcome because it creates a healthy environment.

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