Top 11 Online Paid Surveys Sites in India that Pay Cash Instantly

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So are you also one among those who want to earn money from extra sources, apart from your regular earnings. Well, there are many ways to do that and online paid surveys in India is the one option in those many ways. You might be wondering about why someone is going to pay for completing a survey. The reason behind this could be any, like till date you just have come across only free survey. The scope and authenticity of research have been increased in past couple of decades, as people do not fill unpaid surveys with that much care. A good survey and questionnaire or survey filled honestly by the people is the backbone of any research. But the point is very clear that why someone is going to waste their time to fill your questionnaire with greater care. That is why in order to conduct an authentic research, the researcher is luring the people to complete surveys honestly in return for money.

Online Paid Surveys Sites in India that pay cash instantly

Be Aware of Fake Survey Sites

There are many sites, which are conducting online paid surveys India on various topics from health to technology and fashion. But many of them are fake as well which are fascinating the people by the bate of heavy chunks of money. The heinous realities of these sites get splashed when people subscribe and complete surveys in actual on these websites. They are just using the registered email id to send Spam emails. Their sole motif lies in doing that only and not to conduct any survey.

Best Paid Survey Sites in India

Here I have sifted best Indian surveys sites which are authentic in nature and are involved in online paid surveys India.  These sites are not based on the motif of bombarding your email box with a huge number of Spam emails. These are known for conducting online surveys India. Check them at a glance;


1. Google Opinion

Google Opinion - Online Surveys

Source: Google LLC

The name is not fresh to anyone, this is the online survey site run by Google to get the reviews of customers based on their experiences about Google’s product. This is done by Google in order to improve its services more. In return you can earn a good income from a reliable source that is Google. Starting from $50 it can exceed to very high limits.


2. Paid View Point

Paid View Point - Online Surveys


This is the most interesting and unique survey site as compared to others where you can increase the value of your surveys by giving honest answers. More you’re answered are considered as honest, higher will be the reward of your every survey. It contains mostly objective types of question that you are supposed to respond.


3. Global Test Market

Global Test Market - online surveys that pay cash


With the help of this paid survey site, you can earn a great deal as a side business. You will be provided with different surveys on the regular interval of time. By completing this assigned task, they will pay you accordingly as per their terms. One thing that you should keep in mind that, though global test market is a paid survey for people at a global scale at the same time the money they are paying for surveys is not that much appealing to all. All your fate and hard work go hand in hand in this case, in favourable conditions you can earn up to  7,000-10,000 as well.


4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks - online surveys that pay cash


Here your task is not limited to answer some stupid question that you no longer find interesting and relevant to you. At the same, you can carry out some interesting things like winning credits for your shopping, or you can also earn money by watching videos on swag bucks. The earning from Swagbucks depends upon the number of videos you are watching and extent of shopping through Swagbucks. The chapter does not end here there are also some surveys you will be asked to carry out.


5. Toluna

Toluna - surveys that pay cash instantly


This survey site is conducting surveys on an international level. So irrespective of the fact whether you are from America or India anyone can easily take part in these surveys. Depending on the survey you will get to complete, you can make out handsome money. There could be two survey in a day or one survey in two days, its very day to day. More if you are the winner of their monthly lucky draw chances are there for you to bag 15,000 to 25,000.


6. One Opinion

One opinion - surveys for money


This is also one of the best-paid survey sites in India which offers a lot of online surveys on a regular basis. The money could easily be drawn from this site in the form of gift vouchers and not in plastic form. So make the money through My View and disappear for shopping.


7. Mind Swarms

Mind Swarms - online surveys that pay cash


If you are looking to break the bank in short period of time by earning through completing online surveys. you need to have a high paying survey site. Mind swarms could not be defeated by any other site for this purpose. You can earn as high as $50 per survey if you have a webcam. More you don’t need to spend ages to complete these survey as you might be thinking of due to high money. These surveys could easily be completed within a span period of 25-30 minutes.


8. India Speaks

India Speaks - free paid surveys


It is not for everyone, the survey will entertain only those people who have a great expertise in their fields or who can prove themselves as an aware consumer. Generally, doctors, teachers and other researchers are proffered on India speaks to share their views about a particular food or clothing brand. You can earn up to 10,000 per month through India Speak.


9. My Survey

My Survey - online surveys that pay cash


Like other survey sites, the procedure is nowhere different for my survey sites, you can earn the money simply on the completion of a survey. It depends on your hard work how much money you can earn from my survey.


10. Panel Place

Panel Place - surveys that pay cash instantly


This is one of the best paying survey sites from where handsome money could be raised without putting much hard work. Doing survey is an interesting task to do, and when you are getting paid for it, it doubles your interests. Panel place is also providing a platform for people to make money from filling its surveys.


11. Ipanel Online

Ipanel Online - surveys for money


This is one of the top survey sites in India or Asia at large. The main field in which they are organizing their surveys is the marketing. You will be asked to complete easy and interesting surveys related to marketing. The mode of their payment is mainly international channel Papal. So it could one of the best options to fill these surveys to pocket a big amount of bucks.

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