Top 10 Jobs That Pay You Under the Table 2023

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In this competitive world where jobs are getting scarce and there is no job security there should be an extra income source, for that there are some jobs available that can get you some extra bucks. Some of these jobs you can even do sitting at home and connect to large business sites. These are the jobs that will provide you cash in hand or you can create a PayPal or Google wallet account for online transactions.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay You Under the Table 2017

We all are looking to increase our income in some or the other way, but for that sometimes we have to think out of the box and do jobs that are not related to our profession, they can even be your primary income source.


Here are some of the jobs in 2023 that pay you under the table in 2023:


1. Freelance content Writers


You are really good in English and are looking for ways on how you can earn money from it, then you can do content writing, there is great demand of content writers online and they get highly paid for their quality content. You can show your writing skills to the world and earn some under the table money from it.

2. Freelance Graphic Designing

Freelance Graphic Designing

Similar to online content writing, graphic designing is also a one of the remote jobs that is a great way of earning money online, You can design logos for some companies or edit photos using software’s like adobe Photoshop, you can get highly paid for your creative work.


3. Online surveys

online survey

Online surveys are the best under the table and Kickstarter jobs, you can make lots of money from them, big businesses before launching a product and spending money on them, they have to figure out how that product will sell and what is its demand online. You can get connected to large groups and review their products online.

Online surveys are beneficial for both companies and consumers. Companies get market from the groups and consumers get discounts on the products liked by them. Some of the major sites included are Swag bucks, My Survey, Valued opinions and YouGov.


4. Starting a Small Business at home

Starting a Small Business at home

You can sell products online by just sitting at home, for that you can build your own website for connecting yourself to big eCommerce sites like amazon or eBay.

You can also simply give an advertisement in the local newspaper and connect to people through the phone, you can sell anything, like ready-made foods, clothes gadgets and art and craft products.


5. Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Well, it is one of my favourite under the table jobs for simply earning money by sitting at home, for that you have to create an account on one of the websites that offer affiliate marketing like Amazon, Clickbait and Flipkart and share the product available on the website to your online portal like YouTube and Facebook page and get paid for each sale. You can even sell the product on your own website.


6. Starting Your Own YouTube channel

Starting Your Own YouTube channel

This is one of the best ways of earning lots of under the table money, if you are having great ideas about the videos or have a special talent and are willing to show it to the world, then this is the best option for you, simply create a YouTube page and start posting your creative videos and once you start getting views and sponsors you will earn lots of extra bucks.


7. Getting Paid Through Mobile Applications

Getting Paid Through Mobile Applications

We all are owning a smartphone these days and most of the time we are using app third party applications on our smartphone. Wouldn’t it be better if you get paid just for using them, in some of these apps you have to do nothing, just watch a video or do some paid surveys and you will get some extra bucks, in most of the apps you get paid through PayPal.


8. Becoming a Domain Trader

Becoming a Domain Trader

Domain trading is another high profit business, you can do online and earn under the table, But here you will be needing some investment for buying the domains, you can register a domain for less than 10 $, your skill here is that you must have knowledge of names that companies must be needing in the future and you can trade your domain for them with some extra bucks.


9. Taking Tuition’s

Taking Tuition

If you are looking for a side income taking tuition’s is the best way you get paid under the table, if you are really good in some of the particular areas of subjects and also like teaching then you can give student’s tuition’s for some cash.

These days you can also give tuition’s online and is one of the best work from home jobs, In that they will get you to students who are willing to get your help, there are online classrooms available and they will ask you questions and you can teach them. In simple ways, you can earn some extra bucks just by sitting at home.

10. Babysitting Job

Babysitting Jobs

If you love kids and are looking for some extra under the table income, then you can babysit for the parents who don’t have time for their kids, they will pay you good bucks in cash and you are paid hourly for your job. It is one of the best home based jobs where parents prefer their children to be taken care of in their own home.


11. Dog Walking Job

Dog Walking Jobs

Dog walking is usually done in the morning or in the evening and that is the time you are free and you can earn money under the table, simply take a dog foe walk and get paid in cash.


12. Selling Your Photographs Online

Selling Your Photographs Online

You are really good in photography and are looking to sell your precious photos then you can sell them online, there are many websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, Stock Photo and Photobucket, they will buy your high-quality photos for some great price but your photos must be professional looking, this is most common freelance jobs from home that people prefer.

You can choose any of the professions for earning money under the table, but just remember when you start making money you must declare your income to avoid tax penalties, as tax evasion is considered a crime in many countries. If you are searching for other methods of earning from home except above freelancing jobs, then these methods are best for you to generate income. Try them and send us feedback.

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