Top 10 Sites with Jobs in Mecca

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Due to the unstable situation in the world, many people leave their country in search of a better destiny. Some Indians, when choosing jobs in Mecca, prefer other countries where career growth and a decent salary are possible.

Top 10 Sites with Jobs in Mecca

Websites for finding jobs abroad will allow job seekers to familiarize themselves with many criteria in the process of finding a job abroad. You can get a job in another country both legally and illegally. Giving preference to the second option, you should understand that in any situation you can be expelled from the country.

Types of work

Getting a job abroad, you can choose the best option among those offered. Many Indians work in the industrial, automotive, business and trade sectors. In the absence of higher education and certain skills, you can work in such specialties as a handyman, packer, picker. In order to learn certain skills of work, it will take about a week.

Many people work abroad at poultry plants, farms, fish factories, meat processing plants. Some employees are not provided with the best conditions, but such work is well paid. Basically, this option is used by applicants with no specialized education and people without certain skills who do not know a foreign language. At the end of the adaptation period and the improvement of knowledge of the English language, the job can be changed to an activity with better conditions.

For those applicants who have experience as a welder, carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, installer, auto mechanic, civil engineer, there will always be good options. Good professionals are appreciated everywhere. Girls are given the opportunity to work as consultants in shopping centers and shops. Also abroad, you can get a job in such specialties as a hostess, a cook, a baker, an administrator, a seamstress, or an employee of an online store.

Current vacancies abroad are always available for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Also, foreign employers invite engineers in the energy and construction sectors, IT specialists to work.

Thanks to working abroad, you can open up new horizons and build a successful career.

It is advisable to monitor sites with vacancies already at the stage when you are learning the necessary foreign language. The fact is that employment abroad can be somewhat delayed (unless, of course, you are a super-specialist leaving by invitation), so the sooner you start, the more likely it is that in the first weeks upon arrival you will already be scheduled for an interview (or you will have time to pass it remotely). Another good option is to find a promising job in a dream company on transnational recruiting resources, even if it is located on the other side of the globe.

Top 15 Best Job Search Services Worldwide

Let’s start with the recognized leaders – sites with a record number of reliable ads, a database of vacancies regularly updated, and a convenient multilingual interface.


Our rating is crowned by a recognized leader in terms of the number of posted ads – about 100,000 current vacancies. The offer base is growing daily. The service is valued for its speed and convenience: numerous filters that specify the search, up-to-date data, free access, equally fast selection both on the site and in the application for phones and tablets. On Layboard, you can find a job that best meets your expectations, anywhere in the world – even in the most remote region. Also, this platform is distinguished by those who are looking for employment in rare professions.


The service is valued for the variety of offers for job seekers. Plus, it is extremely convenient to use: vacancies are divided into categories by profession and country of the world. Also on Glassdoor, the chance to meet with an unscrupulous employer has been reduced to almost zero – on the site you can find detailed information about the company, including photos from offices and financial statements.


An excellent resource where you can find not only work, but also useful business connections. Today, 500 million users from 200 countries of the world are registered in this professional social network, 150 business sectors are represented. Communicate directly with HRs, learn about recruiting, professional conferences, publish resumes and share your specialized articles.

Finding the right job on LinkedIn is easy: use the filters “Jobs”, “Job/Company Search”, “Select Region/Country”. Sorting by relevance, publication date of the offer is also available. The resource is interesting because giants such as Google, Apple, Tesla are actively looking for new personnel here.


Perhaps the most famous aggregator on our list. It is a kind of search engine for vacancies: you can find both offers posted directly on Indeed itself, as well as ads from other platforms. The service is distinguished for honest reviews about the companies of former and current employees, a wide selection of offers for freelancers.


The recruiting platform is highly valued by users for its informative content. The resource is especially popular among IT-specialists from all over the world. For representatives of various specialties – vacancies from Europe, America and all other parts of the world. Separately, a convenient search engine is noted, which allows you to clearly specify the request.


An international job search platform of equal interest to both employers and job seekers. Today there are more than 1 million offers on the site. Among the minuses of Monster is the inability to conduct simultaneous searches in several locations and activities. It is important to choose the right job market here: is only the USA, is the whole world. Please note that there are a lot of spam ads on the portal. Basic options (search, filters, resume sending) are free, separate tools (cover letters, salary comparison) are available for a fee.

Flex jobs

The platform has a special “verified company” status, which determines reliable employers. The service is a variant of a social professional network with a useful blog for job seekers. At the moment, 40,000 employers are registered here with offers for both ordinary employees and managers. Vacancies are offered in 50 areas of activity – services, science, sales, tourism, medicine, journalism, design. Remote vacancies are highlighted in a special block, and such giants as Apple, Dell, Kelly, Xerox, Hilton, Kaplan, and others use the platform.

Top 5 sites for job search abroad for highly specialized specialists

Narrow-profile specialists can also use the following options:

  • xing. A professional social network popular in German-speaking countries. At the same time, the account can be maintained both in German and in English. Among the indisputable advantages of the resource: it can automatically create a resume based on the information specified by the user in the profile.
  • AngelList. A professional social network directly for startups: today 25,000 young projects are looking for a team of specialists. It is enough for applicants to create their own profile to find the vacancies and companies of interest in order to respond to the offer directly, without intermediaries. It is important that the social network is closed to representatives of recruiting agencies – you will immediately go to the HR or directly to the founder of the project.
  • Facebook. In recent years, more and more vacancies have been filled on Facebook. Therefore, it will not be superfluous for specialists to post a business profile here, write a specialty in English (for searching by keywords), and indicate previous places of employment. In order for the employer to notice you, do not forget to join professional communities, participate in discussions – perhaps you will be marked by HRs from Google, Bloomberg and other large IT corporations.
  • Behance. A platform for representatives of creative professions – designers, animators, artists, architects.
  • Medical. Careers. Global. An international portal for finding employment for healthcare professionals. Here you can find a job in 16 countries of the world – the United States, Great Britain, Australia, China, etc.

It would also not be superfluous to explore the career sites of corporations of interest to you and set Google Alerts notifications to follow the news of the employer of interest.

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