Why Choose Logistics as a Career Option?

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The backbone of E-commerce: provision and provide Chain business

The modern E-commerce culture is on the increase and in between that, every and each product have to be compelled to be taken care of and delivered in time, so as to maximize the degree of user expertise and quality assurance as a service park. all told that the betterment of storage facility and inventory management is way required to be taken care of and therefore creating the supply and provide chain management together with the foremost necessary department within the trendy historic period.

Why choose Logistics as a career option

Logistics and provide chain department could be a complete department in a corporation that deals with all the upkeep and delivery of merchandise(the products) additionally as keeping track of the stocks and goods within the warehouse facility and organizing the restocking and replenishment of the inventory with the help of wms software on time. In line with some statistics by consultants, the supply business is growing at a quicker rate and within the returning years, it will grow into an enormous market as of import 125billion greenbacks.

What is Supply Chain Management??

Logistics network is that the process/chain management of transport flow and also the storage of products and services from its origin to that consumption.

It embraces each inward movements and doesn’t include activities like foretelling and acquisition.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is that the oversight of materials, info, and finances as they move during a method from provider to a manufacturer to distributor to distributor to a client.

SCM involves coordinating and desegregation these flows each at intervals and among firms with the target of creating a product out there once required.

Supply chain management is often divided into three main flows:

  • Product flow
  • Info flow
  • Finances flow

Indian supply situation

India spends thirteen of its value on supply compared to a median of 100% in alternative developing countries. India supply market to double by 2020

Indian supply business would want 28.4 million accomplished folks within the “Senior Resource Category” in warehouse management by 2022. Technological amendment within the supply business demands a trained force all told areas of the arena

Career choices

Most of the careers and work roles during this specific business area unit addicted to over one talent, plenty of professionals during this field have experience in many of the mentioned skills. this can be thus as a result of, albeit the department is taken into account to be in a corporation, however, all its operating area unit done no matter the organization and could be a standalone department, and works all by itself below the umbrella of an enormous organization. therefore so as to become smart at the supply and management skills, one ought to be smart in any respect the mentioned below skills and therefore increase the amount of exposure and knowledge in virtually every form of management.

The subsequent is often achieved by following a career in Logistics

  1. Analyst
  2. Consultant
  3. Customer Service Manager
  4. International supply Manager
  5. Inventory Control Manager
  6. Logistics Engineer
  7. Logistics Manager
  8. Logistics Service employee
  9. Logistics package Manager
  10. Materials Manager
  11. Production Manager
  12. Purchasing Manager
  13. Supply Chain Manager
  14. System Support Manager
  15. Transportation Manager
  16. Vendor Managed Inventory
  17. Warehouse Operations Manager

Business method

Career Growth out there is extremely high. Due to this, direct exposure to several fields is provided to one manager and therefore, creating the manager capable of handling multiple roles, by providing all the specified expertise in multiple fields. This makes the standard exposure and technical expertise on to the supply and provide chain person and therefore creating him the proper one switch fields if needed by any suggests that or reasons and creating such a big amount of out there positions open for the business skilled. with the exception of that, with higher globalization and outsourcing, the market is at its peak, and their area unit multiple new openings within the current situation with a bigger job security. in line with some surveys, the number of workers during this section is going to be raised by twenty-two per cent by 2022 worldwide, and for India, the amount is as about to the eighteen per cent, that could be a high range and showing a bigger response. This makes virtually 28.4 million job opportunities by the year 2022 for the multiple positions out there for accomplished supply managers.

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for the supply manager for nearly every company would possibly vary, however the few common needs area unit identical and area units as follow as:

A Master’s degree in supply / provide Chain Management

Ability to talk any of the language fluently and with smart communication skills.

This area unit the few basic needs and eligibility criteria for nearly every organization whereas choosing the proper candidate for his or her departments. From moving towards advanced level positions from entry-level positions, the talents and talent to find out quicker, additionally as the higher rate of growth and pay, area unit few metrics that may increase exponentially. conjointly whereas moving towards and staying within the same business the duty security during this department can solely increase and that jointly comes as a bigger issue. The career during this field is relatively high with less competition and therefore trying forward to the present department as a secure future choice is feasible and can be a right call.

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