Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Networks – Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers & Marketers

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Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Networks - Best Affiliate Programs

Today, when the competition in every sphere of life is breaking the boundaries, how retailer businessmen could remains secluded from it. In order to thrive their business, they are using different business promoting techniques through both online and offline areas. Product affiliation is one of such technique, where businessmen who produce a particular product increase its selling chances through affiliate marketer. In return affiliate marker gets a pre-defined share of the selling product. So all and all it is a symbiotic relationship where both the businessman and affiliate marker get mutually benefited. There are two types of affiliation in major, that is cost per sale where affiliate marker to be paid only when a product is purchased by the customer through the lead he has generated, on the other hand in cost per activity businessman is supposed to pay for the different actions taken by the customer for example registration on this site. Generally, cost per sale is considered in retailer’s favour. There are different business websites and portals that are providing their affiliate programme in order to increase the sale of their product.


Top 10 Affiliate Networks to Make Money Online For Life

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

The name is not fresh to anyone; Amazon has established a big foot in the world of online product selling services. Who has the idea when it was launched that it will become a juggernaut for its competitors in the future, as its product encompasses all kind of customers. In order to boom more in the business, affiliate programmers for digital marketing have been also initiated by Amazon. So if you are an affiliate marketer, don’t miss out this opportunity.


2. Ashford Affiliate Program

Ashford affiliate programme

Like Amazon, it is also making a good fortune in the area of online business which deals in the jewellery section, especially for watch lovers. Ashford is recognized worldwide for its services. In case you are looking for a reputed affiliate programme which can pay a handsome money, Ashford could be a great option for you owing to its global presence and popularity.


3. eBay Affiliate Program

eBay affiliate programme

The third in the list of a good affiliate programme is eBay, a globally renowned company for its products and services, which is doing exponentially tremendous business in the realm of online commerce. Their services are crossing different national boundaries with time. The affiliate programmes of eBay are highly paying for dedicated affiliate markers.


4. Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

Shopify affiliate programme

It is a cosmopolitan online service provider website for those who are in a though to embark upon the new online business store. Shopify caters all the needs of their customer to manage a successful business through different services. For instance, they will rank your business website through SEO and ORM, will help you to handle your online business store and provide different business solution ideas from time to time, which are healthy to thrive a good online shopping business. True that they provide awesome affiliate programme to marketers.


5. Orbitz Affiliate Program

Orbitz affiliate programme

It is a travel website which provides various concessions in the fare to the travellers for a world-wide range. It could be an awesome experience apart from making good money to affiliate such website as you come to know about different beautiful locations in the world and facts regarding them. Orbitz has connections with various airlines and can give good packages of explorer and travel lovers.


6. Nike Affiliate Program

Nike affiliate networks

Those who are brand conscious about their clothing and shoes are not unmindful about Nike. For those who have not heard the word, which is I am sure, not possible, Nike is a renowned brand of different products like clothes, shoes etc. it majorly deals in sports products. Don’t miss out a golden chance to affiliate its products as they can give you big chunks of money for your hard work.


7. Marriott Affiliate Program

Marriott affiliate network

Next time if you are planning a tour, don’t forget to consult with Marriott, they are providing a huge range of packages for everyone to board an affordable and luxury hotel. The net of their services is spread everywhere in the world. Talking about their affiliate programme, it would not be wrong to say that Marriott is a boon for affiliate marketers.


8. GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy Affiliate Network

It is popular among the masses for many reasons first Go Daddy is a US based company which register domains and host websites, apart from this; it has been in the headlines regarding different controversies on various points of time for both good and bad reasons. But forget about that and grab the opportunity to affiliate the services of the world-wide accepted company.


9. Avangate Affiliate Program

Avangate Affiliate Networks

If you have designed a software and wants to sell it online, avangate acts as a gateway channel for it. Avangate will sell your software in return for a commission for providing this service. This way a person can easily sell their online products at the same time they could be saved from frod.  In order to increase the sale and popularity of their services, it is providing affiliate programme for a reasonable money in return.


10. Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Regal is making a change in the world of companies which deals with valuable and saccharine metals like Gold, Platinum, Silver and all other in line. So if you would be able to find even a single customer for Regal by affiliating its products, you can make good bucks out of it. As these metals are very precious and to get a share of selling them would definitely prove out to be fruitful.

If you are searching for other methods of earning from home except affiliate programs, then these methods are best for you. Try them and send us feedback.

I have sifted top ten best out of best affiliate programmes for the affiliate marketer. So in order to earn some extra bucks besides your regular income, you can put in a bit of hard work to know their policies for affiliation.

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