How to Create a Blog That Makes Money

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Looking for how to create a blog? You’ve read the right article! A blog is a tool for various things, from just writing to a professional career. If you open this page, you can guess that you are interested in starting a blog, right? Well, in this article, we will cover everything you need to do how to create a blog. On we will also explain how to make your blog crowded with visitors.

How to Create a Blog That Makes Money

Blogs also take various forms, such as digital magazines, personal notes, online exhibitions, and even learning sites. Usually, weblogs consist of text, images, videos, and other important pages. Audiences can write comments and communicate virtually with the owner or author of this e-journal.

In this section, we will cover a guide to creating a blog, from choosing a hosting provider to installing a blog management platform. Not only that, but we will also provide various tips for creating a blog so that in the future you can be successful.

Easy, here’s how to create a blog that makes money:

  • Define a niche
  • Choose the right web hosting
  • Register a domain name
  • Install blog management platform
  • Publish content and grow blog
  • Promote blog
  • Start making money through blog

In addition to being a place to channel opinions and share information, blogs can also be a main or side source of income. Yes, you can try how to get money from the internet through blogs. How to make a blog that makes money?

Place an ad on the blog

Choose ads that are specific and relevant to the target audience or according to the topic being written. You can start this strategy using Google Adsense.

Join the affiliate program

Through this program, you will work closely with businesses to promote their products and services. Later you will get a commission. To join this program, your blog must have high and credible traffic. As an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate link to post or include on the blog.

Sell products and services

You can sell your own products and services on a blog. Install the eCommerce plugin and make it easy for your audience to search for the desired product, add it to their cart, and make payments.

Create sponsored posts

If the blog is already crowded, the opportunity for other parties to place ads on your blog is wide open. The purpose of placing ads on high-traffic blogs is to increase exposure. Payment will be based on how many times the post was clicked, the number of visits, or transactions.

Turn your blog into an online portfolio

Have good writing skills? Turn your blog into a site that provides writing services.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a platform. Ask yourself, how much technical ability do you have? Do you have enough time if you want to start how to create your own blog and manage it? Also, make sure the blog platform that you are looking at really has features that match your concept and goals. At least you are free to create content, add media, and do other creations so that posts look interesting. Finally, calculate your budget, especially if you don’t want to use a free blog forever and plan to expand it.

If you want to be successful, you have to make careful planning. In addition to providing more efficient results, having clear goals and views will make it easier for you to complete each job. Likewise with the blog that is owned today. You can’t just stop at the search for how to create a great blog. However, you also have to understand how it works. Each post generates organic traffic and brings new readers to the blog. That’s why you must have a goal of wanting to present what kind of content is worth reading for blog visitors.

As a new blogger, you must know who your competitors are in the same niche. In addition to being more aware, researching competitors also provides ideas for creating new content. Create a spreadsheet and add potential ideas to it. Start with a general topic, then narrow it down to more specific topics. If there is a specific topic that you really master, you can use it as the main content. After publishing it, don’t immediately expect that the post will bring in a lot of new readers. So, you have to be patient while still posting quality content. Activate the schedule feature to publish articles automatically and monitor the progress of your blog.

Not only determines the ranking of blogs in search engines, but loading time also affects visitor behavior. If the blog page takes longer to load, readers don’t hesitate to click the exit or exit button. Meanwhile, to optimize the page to speed up loading, check the image size, install a caching plugin, or subscribe to a web hosting that offers server speed.

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