Tips & Tricks for Playing Fantasy Cricket Game

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Fantasy cricket is a captivating game and entirely an exciting concept. So what is a fantasy cricket game? It is a game that is being played online where you can form a virtual team of real cricket players of your preference and own choice, and gain points based on the presentation of those players in real cricket matches. You have to devise strategies that will enable help you to win the game and earn real cash. You can play daily fantasy cricket using your sound knowledge and expertise in the game.

Tips & tricks for playing fantasy cricket game

Here are a few steps of how you can play your favourite sports:

Pick up a match of your preference

You can pick any upcoming match as there is a wide range of games you can select from. There are international and domestic matches that you can select from.

Select a contest

You can select the contest of your preference and can participate in multiple or single contests every time by creating different teams of your choice.

Form your team

After entering into the contest, you can create your team of 11 players: Batsman; Bowler; Wicketkeeper; All-rounder; One-star player; X player one player you can select from any type; and select best five players from any category, excluding the wicketkeeper.

You can also pay and enter the contest to play your game. The free contest is also available where you can play a trial match. Therefore, play daily on Fantasy Cricket App and win daily cashback and various offers.

Some resourceful tips and tricks to win the match

Mentioned below are some of the fantasy cricket tips that would enable you to participate fully into the contest and earn huge real cash.

Thorough research and analysis is a must!

One of the most vital steps is research in a fantasy cricket game. You need to take into consideration several aspects before picking up the most appropriate 11 players in your team. You should go through the exact statistics about the performance of the players from reliable websites to assess the performance of the player carefully. You should take into account even small detail about the players.

Avoid favouritism

Being a cricket lover, you must be inclining your favourite players that you want in your team. The selection of the team should be based on strategies of the cricket game. You should be sure during the selection of 11 players judiciously.


Statically data and information are, but one should trust on its instinct because at the end of the day you need to plan and strategies well many times trusting your intuition can lead you to win a match.

Players are assets

Players are important assets for the team.

Wrap up

One of the best platforms is to play your favourite cricket game online through is Gamezy as there are better options to win real cash in the matches. We hope that these resourceful tips will help you to win the match.

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