Mythic+: Aiming for Higher Keys

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If you have the feeling that you are missing something important in Mythic+, perhaps you are right. To be able to get mythic 15 carry, you have to work hard and know what to do. Mythic+ is a system of advanced dungeons with mortal traps and deadly enemies around. The challenge does not get easier with time. The further you go, the harder your tasks will be. Your team relies on you, and after some time, you will be willing to cheat anyhow just to go through these dungeons. Meanwhile, you don’t have to do this. All you need is to follow the next tips.

Mythic - Aiming for Higher Keys


Simple Tips for Professional Players

WoW does not lose its popularity over all these years not because of the unique design but because it keeps players’ interest heated. Mythic+ is one of the newly arrived modes that allow you and your friends or 4 strangers to try your skills. Don’t go unprepared.

Dream team

You have to rely on your team, or you’ll lose. You can randomly pick a group with enough tanks and healers, but the best approach is scientific here. If you have enough time, check out their features, make sure that they are competitive with each other. For example, the most popular choice is:

  • Blood Death Knight;
  • Holy Paladin;
  • Restoration Druid;
  • Affliction Warlock;
  • Windwalker Monk;
  • Balance Druid;
  • Subtlety Rogue;
  • Marksmanship Hunter.

You can choose a set of specs based on your strategy. Blood Death Knights are still the major must-have in any company that goes to dungeons. A warlock can be useful in a fight, while monks provide 3 minutes of cooldown.


WeakAuras is a framework that every player must have. It does not really mess up with your interface while revealing all the information you need, including the list of cooldowns. There are three main features you have to keep in mind:

  • Cooldown tracker that allows you to coordinate players better;
  • CC tracker that checks available CCs for the group;
  • Effective health display.
  • Mob count

Mythic+ timer and mob count is the thing you need. You have to concentrate on the time. It is a common mistake for newly arrived groups. They miss their chance for victory because of the poorly organized schedule. Instead of rushing around the dungeon, you may need to check out what experienced players prefer to take.

Affixes difficulty

You have to read the difficulty of affixes before you enter the game. They were created to make the game challenging. They usually change the approach of your character to them every week. It is important to understand what you are against in advance. Each level has its own affixes. The most dangerous is Tyrannical. The easiest may be Volcanic. You can try medium toughness like:

  • Teeming;
  • Bolstering;
  • Skittish;
  • Explosive;
  • Grievous.

No matter whether the affix is strong or not, it may kill you or do you significant damage. You have to be ready to meet anything there. Don’t underestimate your enemy, thinking that the affixes are easier than bosses. It may be true, but you still may get hurt. Let your tank deal with Sanguine to get less damaged. Pay attention that some mobs heal faster than others. The difficulty of affixes is different for each dungeon.

Gear sets

Experienced players know that great gear is the key to success in the Mythic+. You may need at least 4 sets of gear in this quest. They are:

  • The single target set of gear with best single target legendaries;
  • Gear set with 2 best multi targets;
  • Single target gear set with Prydaz as a shield;
  • Gear set of the single target with Prydaz and avoidance.


The main key to victory in any game with the multiplayer mode is communication. Including you, the team has 5 people, and it must be coordinated. If you have a leader in the team, you have to follow his/her instructions obediently. If you prefer to vote, make sure you express your thoughts clearly to other members of the team. If you disagree on something, it is better to talk about it with other players and not act separately from them.

Going Through Dungeons with Simplicity

You don’t have to spend all your free time thinking about the best possible strategies and moves. This game is meant to be fun. No matter what you do, there are no wrong choices while doing it together with your team. Go bold and decide which tips you need and which ones you can give to others.

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