Traditional Online Games To Liven Up Quarantine

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To paralyze the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that we stay in our homes. We have been giving advice for weeks to cope with this confinement in the best possible way. This week we want to show different traditional games that exist for mobile devices that allow remote play to liven up the running of the bulls and play with family, friends, etc… Stay to read this post and take note of these applications to spend the dead hours on the day of the funniest way possible.

Traditional Online Games To Liven Up Quarantine

1. ONE!

Who has never played this card game? Well, now we can afford to play with the people we love remotely thanks to the version for mobile devices.

Although this game inherits ethics and original activity, they have also included new ways such as creating intimate groups where you will compete directly with the people you want, new rules, tournaments, adventures, also checkout the online game guides to increase your winning probability.

When you are about to win, thanks to the chat that this application includes, you can send an audio note to shout out that ONE! so desired.

Play in real time anytime you have available!


In questioned you will enjoy with your friends answering funny trivia questions. There are 6 different categories with millions of questions that you must guess to win. This App also has the modality of playing individually where you will surpass yourself.

Asked is a game suitable for the whole family since it has questions for children and adults, this way you will have fun while learning new things. It’s time to test your intelligence!

3. STOP!

The game STOP! It is also known as Basta, Tutti Frutti and baccalaureate. It is a Trivia game with more than 150 categories, where you will test your knowledge and you can challenge your friends. To start, in this game a letter will be selected and you must complete 5 words from different categories with that letter.

It is a turn-based, agile and fun word game. In addition, you can take advantage to learn or practice a different language since it is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

4. Parcheesi Star

We could not leave the one who is the king of multiplayer games. Who in your life has not played parcheesi? One of the most representative games of our childhood comes to our mobile devices through a game that allows us to create private tables with a maximum of 4 players. You can also create a board of 4 players where it will be played by teams of 2.

To play Parcheesi you don’t need to register, you can play as a guest.

Download this application now and have fun!

5. Houseparty

Houseparty allows you to play different games with friends while you talk through video calls. Among her games are:
Who’s Who: you will guess by clues what is on the card on your forehead.

Piccionari: You must guess what the other person is drawing before the time runs out.

Trivial: where you will have to answer general culture questions and the one who answers the fastest with the correct answer will win.

Chips and Guac: In this game you must associate words.


It is a simple, fast and fun game. In SongPop you will have to listen to a song and guess the artist or the original song that plays as soon as you can. Unlock more songs, more playlists, and become a music expert!

In Songpop you can find all the musical styles, it has more than 100,000 songs.

7. WIN

Do you miss the games with your friends on cards? We have the solution! The Aragonese Association of Guiñote made the leap to the virtual world and now you can play guiñote without the need for a deck with your Android or iOS Tablet or Smartphone.

There is the possibility of “PLAY AGAINST THE WORLD”, anonymous people at random or, “PLAY WITH FRIENDS” , this game mode allows you to create private rooms where you will allow access to the people you want using a password. This App has a chat where you can send and receive messages from colleagues in the room.

On the other hand, there is also the “ PLAY ALONE” modality , where you will challenge yourself with the application’s artificial intelligence.

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