Characteristics of the PC for Playing Video Games

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Technology advances without ceasing and every year we find better hardware and more advanced equipment. The price of these products is usually very high, but the benefits are magnificent, the best to give optimal use to our PC and play video games in the best way possible. Unscrambler is very well-known commercial software which is mainly used for the calibration of multivariate data.

Characteristics of the PC for playing video games

But we are not always interested in playing ultra or 4K with everything, either because it does not attract our attention or because we do not have the economic capacity to face such a team. There are mid-range computers for tighter budgets that allow you to play great titles and have a team that performs for many years efficiently. The components are important, so you must know what to choose so that the purchase is good and you do not waste your money.



Here you can make a minimum investment as a high investment. There are many possibilities as the prices vary a lot. Sometimes the difference in money from one range to another does not compensate for the performance they give. To play this component is important but it is not one of the most priorities. The main manufacturers are Intel and AMD. The second is usually cheaper, but the first has more variety and offers better benefits. The Pentiums are already a little out of date, and the minimum option for the present within the dual-core should be a 3.6 GHz i3 with enough force to do almost everything you want. In addition to working separately, their performance is outstanding.




It is the most straightforward part of the computer, but without it, nothing would make sense, the gear of all the pieces. It is crucial that the motherboard has high reliability and that it does not deteriorate with simplicity, allowing a good use even after many years. It must also be compatible with the CPU since each processor works with a set of chipsets. It is always best to buy specific brands with a reputation in the sector such as Gigabyte, ASRock, ASUS or MSI. Also check if the selected board is suitable for the processor and if it had enough space for future extensions, it would not be strange to have to change the graphics card or increase the RAM capacity. Otherwise, you would have to buy a new board or look for suitable components for it.



It is one of the cheapest components, so you do not need to skimp if you want to find a budget. 2GB is an unfeasible option today; even it almost falls short as a user. 4GB would be very justifying, so it is recommended at least 8GB to go baggy for a while and have no problems. 16GB would be a perfect choice, but you can always catch 8GB and expand later. As manufacturers, the most recommended are G-Skill, Kingston and Corsair. The price will vary mainly by the level of latency since the lower is better to be faster. Although depending on which cases go from 9 to 7 is practically negligible. Therefore it is better to have 16GB CL9 than 8 GB CL7.


High-speed RAM opens to overclock

High-speed RAM opens to overclock

In a regular PC, the speed with which the data enters and leaves the RAM may not be as important, since conventional programs do not require higher performance to produce acceptable results. But when it comes to high-speed games, faster RAM with low latency can have a significant impact on frame rates. Additionally, the PC Gamer requires that the RAM module has a heat sink or even some level of overclocking.


Graphics card

Graphics card

The graphics card is an essential component of a computer dedicated to the game. It allows obtaining an optimal resolution of the images, particularly in video games greedy in resources, such as 3D games. It is the most critical component of our configuration for playing video games. AMD is an excellent alternative for tight budgets, having a perfect low end along with some average model. But at the head is NVidia being the excellent reference and with unbeatable high-end features. The quality is paid, and the graphics card is usually expensive; to play in low-quality games of recent years and invent some of the new, although many would be explainable.


High-end cooling

CPUs and high-power GPUs produce a large amount of heat, more when optimized with overclocking. Keeping these components cool during long game days prevents stuttering, delay and other performance problems related to heat. Of the two cooling systems, the liquid increases the available surface to dissipate the heat and send it effectively away from the components. However, the one of air throws good results, especially when it has been designed for gamer equipment, in these cases usually it will have double, or even triple ventilates, allowing long days of use at maximum power. In regular equipment, the built-in cooling system can be more than enough to maintain the temperature of the components and the performance of the system, even when it stays on for long hours of work.


Handling cables and power supplies

Handling cables and power supplies

In a gaming computer, the wiring must be perfectly organized, and the power supplies must be modular; nothing to do with the tangles of cable that characterize some regular computers, which obstruct the flow of air and accumulate dust. The architecture with which a laptop gamer has been built is fundamental, allows all its components to work enhanced and thus avoid overheating the equipment.


Other components

You must have a quality source that allows a high-performance team for games. At least to be 80+ but Gold is recommended so that consumption is appropriate and the PC has no problems. In addition, you must equip your PC with an SSD disk which is faster than conventional HDD despite having less capacity. With it, the Operating System will be loaded faster as well as the games that you have saved.

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