The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Cleaning Service Company in Canberra

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In recent years, as our lifestyle and requirements have changed, many new services have also come into existence. The market also molded itself to fit our needs. Businesses that fulfill our changing demands have also cropped up.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Cleaning Service Company in Canberra

One field that has become really popular is the cleaning services category. All over the globe, cleaning companies are helping those people who are busy with their work and cannot take out time for household chores. Not only do these businesses clean out our home and office, but they also organize your belongings whether it’s your closet, garage, or study. Plus, a deep clean of your new office is very important for an efficient office moving.

Now we understand that you may be interested in trying out such a service but don’t know where to start. You must have questions about security, safety, quality, personnel, and more. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide for you, which will tell you about the basics of choosing a cleaning service as well as the best providers of house cleaning Canberra has to offer.

What are cleaning service companies?

Cleaning companies are businesses that help clean out your living or working space. Many of them do store cleaning, industrial cleaning, and much more. You can choose to employ their services either on a regular, weekly, fortnightly, or one-time basis. You can also use their services when you’re moving in or out.

Factors for choosing a cleaning service provider

Like all other things, choosing a cleaning service also requires a review of certain features. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind before you purchase any services.

  1. Pricing – It goes without saying that whichever company you choose, the amenities that they provide must fit your budget. This won’t be a problem though because most companies nowadays have affordable and economical plans that anyone can avail of. They also offer a plethora of options to choose from and further customization opportunities. So, you can pay only for what you want them to clean.
  2. Timings – Another important feature that you need to check is the timings of the company. Most businesses provide cleaning at a weekly, fortnightly (bi-monthly) or a one-time basis. But some businesses also have daily cleaning services. Similarly, there are also other special cleaning services to choose from. For instance, if you want to do a deep clean of your entire house, you need to look for the services of spring-cleaning Canberra businesses are offering.
  3. Technicians – For most people, the prospect of a stranger coming into their house and personal space can be alarming. That’s why going through the information about their technicians is incredibly important. Always choose companies that have their cleaning technicians bonded and insured. However, most businesses already do so anyway. Another aspect to keep in mind is the level of training that is provided to them, and how well they can adapt to their client’s requests and living environments. For instance, all technicians must be comfortable with animals as most people tend to have pets.
  4. Pre and after-sale services – Just cleaning and organizing are not enough anymore. Good customer service before and after-sales is a must. Check to see if the company offers pre-appointment consulting. Most businesses nowadays do have a customer hotline that you can contact any time of the day. Most companies also provide free re-cleanings. So in case, a client is not satisfied by the service provided by them, they do a re-cleaning with no holds barred.
  5. Reputation – Last but not least, a good reputation and trustworthy name in the market is a must. It’s suggested that you go for businesses that have been operating for a good number of years and have a lot of experience. Their reputation will give you an idea of their reliability, which is an important feature in the case of home and office cleaning services. Make sure that you go through there customer reviews on their website as well as on third party sites as well.

Our top 3 cleaning companies in Canberra

Now that we’ve briefed you about cleaning services and how to choose them, here are our picks for the best cleaning companies in Canberra.

1. Calibre Cleaning

If high-quality and professional services are what you need, Calibre Cleaning is the one for you. Calibre Cleaning’s team of technicians strive to provide the best cleaning experience to each one of their clients. They offer not only home and apartment cleanings, but also deep cleaning, end of lease cleaning, selective cleaning, and more. So regardless of how specific your requirements are, Calibre Cleaning will fulfill them. Their team of service providers are experts in their field, and they are all bonded and insured. So you never have to worry about the safety and security of your home with Calibre Cleaning. They are the favorite of customers all over Australia and can be yours too.

2. Mint Cleaning

Regardless of whether you need your apartment cleaned on a regular basis, or you just need one-time assistance for end-of-lease or spring clean-out, Mint cleaning will assist you. They also have after-party cleaning and full disinfecting services as well. With over ten years of operation under their belt, Mint Cleaning continues to make clients happy and never compromises on quality. All the technicians in their employ are trained professionals, who will accomplish all the tasks you want to be done and will do so efficiently. If you want more proof than our words, check out the start-studded reviews left behind by earlier clients.

3. Maid2Match

Maid2Match promises you exactly what their name indicates. They will provide you with services and technicians based on your requirements and budget. Their services are largely customer-oriented and they do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied. Maid2Match follows a 73 point list to ensure that their clientele receives high quality and standardized services. Their cleaners are hard-working and experienced individuals who always strive for perfection. But for all that they provide, their prices are economical and made to fit your budget. They also give you the freedom of customization. You not only have the opportunity of choosing the most suitable plan, but you can add-in extras as well.

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