Consider These Things Before Buying Artificial Grass

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Indoor and outdoor artificial grass decorations change the atmosphere of your home. A residence that used to be maybe gloomy so impressed beautiful. But you’ve seen neighbor’s artificial grass a bit messy. Maybe they made one of these fatal mistakes when shopping or installing.

Consider These Things Before Buying Artificial Grass

Choose artificial grass based on price

A fatal mistake when we shop for artificial grass is to choose based on price. Artificial grass is not a product that can be discounted on a large scale. This grass is an investment in your home or property. They must be durable for up to 15-25 years. They also need to increase the sale value of the house and not reduce it. Today there is a lot of cheap artificial grass on the market. They are similar in appearance but their quality is questionable. Even this grass actually harms us because we have to pay double. This low-quality product often tears when it has only been used for a few days or months. And we need to remove everything from the garden and put it back together again. If you intend to sell the house, prospective buyers become less interested.

Choose based on appearance and taste based on sample

The soft grass feels comfortable and is good for our feet. But it is not durable both in durability and appearance. The best artificial grass material that is stepped on quite often is a mixture of soft and hard fibers. A sample of 1 × 1 or 2 × 2 cannot represent the overall appearance if installed in a large area. This artificial grass always looks softer and longer in the sample. But when installed, this grass becomes shorter and somewhat rough. So when you receive a sample, you can imagine the actual size after installation. Why does artificial grass seem shorter?
The average native grass is indeed longer than artificial grass. And your eyes are used to the size of a long grass. So you will always feel shorter artificial grass.

After installation, you will definitely decorate grass with a variety of plants, flowers, pots, and others. This decoration creates the illusion that the grass installed is short.

DIY installation or using the wrong equipment

Installing artificial grass can beautify or damage your mini-park. The average installation of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) that you can see on Youtube or other videos can be exact or less appropriate for our area of residence. For example, areas that have winter or winter should not use nails in their installation. But using a special staple of grass. As for areas with hot weather, you need to install window film on the window so that the grass is not easily damaged. At the time of installation, you also need to pay attention and equalize the orientation of the grass from one direction in the same. Both perspectives from inside and outside the home.

Incorrect material and thickness

For those of you who plan to install artificial grass outside the home, you need to ensure that the soil is level and drainage. This unevenness can cause the grass to curl, backward, hole, or poor drainage. As a result, you will find a puddle in the grass. The cause of this problem is the selection of the wrong rocks and ignorance of the condition of the land around the house.

The amount and material of the holder or the contents are not right

At the bottom of the grass carpet is retaining material. This containment material has a variety of contents such as sand, rubber fragments, and so forth. We recommend that you do not use silica sand, which will become harder and harder. If you have pets or wild animals that will pass on artificial grass carpets, you need a filling that can get rid of their smell.

The following are some things that you need to consider when buying artificial grass:


Quality artificial grass is usually soft to the touch. The material can be made of polypropylene, polyamide, or polyethylene yarn. This quality grass stitching is usually neat and the color is also consistent. Quality is usually directly proportional to price. But if you are thinking of long-term investment, then you better buy the best. When you want to buy it, make sure you can feel the texture before making a decision.

Grass height

Tallgrass seems like a logical choice if you want to create a natural impression. But long grass is usually heavier and will bend. In the long run, this artificial grass will become flat. We recommend choosing grass with a height of 30-37 mm to create a natural impression. If you are planning to place furniture on this artificial grass, you can choose shorter grass to last longer. Don’t forget to comb the grass regularly to keep it in good shape.

Density and weight

The density of artificial grass shows the amount of fiber or true that is in a patch of grass. Usually denser grasses use more material so that the fall is more expensive. Thick and long artificial grass can also be more beautiful. He is also more durable even though many people set it on. If you don’t have a budget for this grass yet, don’t worry. You can add sand to make the grass more durable. Another consideration for decoration with thick, long grass is the weight. The weight is not a problem if you just put it in the park. But if you want to install it on the balcony, we do not recommend it.

Lower layers of artificial grass

Artificial grass has a layer underneath to make it look original. This layer also makes the grass map softer. Rubber and sand are the most chosen coating material. You can choose what suits your budget.


The color of artificial grass is also very diverse. There are dark green, bright green, purple and so on. Cheap grass usually has one color. Do not choose a grass that has a green color that is too perfect. And look for grass that has a slight brownish color. Take it outside the room with sunlight to see the compatibility in your home.


The right treatment will extend its life. How to treat artificial grass is almost the same, but some require more frequent care. You need to choose grass according to the time you have. In addition, home location is also a factor that needs to be considered before buying. The more pollution or dirt, you need treatment more often.


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