The Advantages of Leather in Luxury Bags For Men

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Leather has been a staple in the men’s bag world for decades. Messenger bags and briefcases have traditionally always been made out of leather. These days, there are more options on the market, especially if you’re looking at cool leather bags. Now you have choices such as sling bags, shoulder bags and tote bags, to name a few.

But leather is an expensive choice, especially in the luxury market, so why should you choose leather in this day and age? This article explains why.

Why Choose Leather?

Leather has a lot of unique aspects that you just can’t find in other materials, and this includes things like how durable it is, how dependable it is for daily use and its sleek appearance. Read on to find out why so many love leather.

It’s Long Lasting

One of the most notable benefits of leather bags is their durability: They outperform synthetic materials in terms of strength It takes decades longer to break down leather than it does a synthetic material, so you can make a more expensive purchase with peace of mind, knowing you may even be able to pass the bag down to the next generation as time goes on. Even if the lining tears in a leather bag, it’s highly unlikely that the leather outer will ever fail.

It’s Dust Resistant

Leather is inherently impervious to residue and grime with the goal that you don’t need to stress over dirtying your bag with normal use. This means, even if there’s a spill in your bag, you need to worry about the lining, not the leather itself. You can easily just wipe away any surface dust and carry on. If you want the bag to look nicer for longer, you can use a leather polish now and again to restore its shine, but it’s not a necessity as leather also ages nicely.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Real leather, that is leather that does not incorporate synthetic materials or fabricated parts, is great for the environment. This is because it is not manufactured with any pollutants or chemicals, is easily made, and lasts for decades when cared for correctly, meaning less of it goes to landfill. Leather can also be easily recycled.

Although you may be averse to using animal products, it’s important to be aware that synthetic leather uses a lot of chemicals, produces a lot of pollutants and creates a lot of water waste in its creation. Although it is not harming animals, PU leather is highly wasteful in the manufacturing process and lasts less time than real leather, meaning it finds its way to landfills more often and is not often recycled. So consider using real leather for longevity and eco-friendliness.

It’s Good Looking

Leather is a stunning material, when you look past its functionality. It has a lot of real-world uses, but beyond all of this, it’s attractive. This means you can easily be the eye-catching man in town when you invest in a designer leather bag. The addition of the designer label doesn’t hurt either as it places you as a high-value man in the workplace, at meetings and more.

Finding the Right Leather Bag For You

Now that LV’s men’s creative director has changed, this is our top pick for a great place to start looking for men’s bags. You can find everything from business forward to street style under one designer label, and the monogrammed leather is just a unique option for the busy man on the go.

Start shopping online now, and elevate your style with a leather bag.

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