Refashion your Bridemaid’s Dress and Wedding Gown with Dress Alteration

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There will be many reasons for you to alter a bridesmaid dress because it might be too large or small. The brides dress will be purchased before the date of the wedding. In between the gap of buying the wedding dress till the marriage date the bride would have gained or loosed weight so the dress will not fit to your current structure. Instead of buying a new one you can make use of the already you have you can alter the dress according to your perfect size and then wear it. Your wedding gown alterations can be done in many ways.

Refashion your Bridemaids Dress and Wedding Gown with Dress Alteration

By using the measuring tape you can measure your size and mark the measured point with the help of pen or chalk and also use pins to hold the cloth from movement. Yes, you have to spend something in order to make the dress wearable further, as you cannot keep them as it is. There are many ways on how you can alter your bridemaid’s dress and make it wearbale for other occasions. The bridemaid’s dress is quite expensive and you cannot simply hold up the money for the dress. There are some things which have to be remembered while altering a brides dress.

• Schedule – to get rid of the stress you have to schedule your dress alteration earlier because it will take time for alterations. Make an appointment before 5-6 months will be good to handle. And so, you can also have a perfect fit for your dress.

• Alteration cost – the cost for alteration will vary according to the salon and also by the material of the dress. Some may ask for more while some do not. While giving in the salon you should say for the changes to be done in the dress initially because after the completion no changes can be done even if it is done then it will look artificially.

• Wedding weight – ordering a small size dress won’t be a good decision. You can imagine how much it will shrink so it is preferred to get a large one. It is that is you slinkier the dress then it is hard to fix the fitting if you gain or lose weight. Thus, you should consider your previous and current weight in order to get the perfect fitting.

• Shoes – when your designer is doing the hem in your dress don’t forget to take the shoes with you which you are going to wear on your wedding. If you had not yet purchased your shoes then take a pair of shoes that relates to the height of your wedding shoes and ask your designer to make the hem according to the size. You can also buy new shoes or can refurbish the old one with these techniques.

Bottom line:

From the above-given format, it will be easy for you to make your bride costume more glowingly according to the fitting size of the bride. This is how you can do your previous bridemaid’s dress and wedding gown alterations with perfect stitching.

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