Social Media Style and Etiquette — How Should You Present Your Brand on Instagram?

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If you are a business owner and willing to promote your brand on social media platforms, Instagram will be an effective place where you can reach out to over 700 million registered users. The number of registrations on Instagram is increasing every day, and this is why besides, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc., you must include Instagram in the list as well.

Social Media Style and Etiquette — How Should You Present Your Brand on Instagram

Get instant brand recognition with a platform simple for you to use

Instagram is a simple social media platform you can use for your business. It is more of a visual tool, and all you need to do is take good pictures and post them online. You should write interesting captions that will catch the attention of the targeted audience. At the same time, you should take pictures that have a high resolution and post them on your account so that you can attract people to your brand and promote sales of your goods.  You can access it from any place when you are on the go. At the same time, you can edit your posts and publish them with amazing filters.

Like Facebook and Twitter, you can also increase followers for Instagram. These real followers will share your posts on their network and promote your brand. The more followers you have, the more credible your business becomes. You must be regular with your posts so that with the passage of time, you can establish your online presence on the platform and have people noticing you and your brand.

Style guide for Instagram marketing on social media

You might be wondering what a style guide for social media is and how it helps you to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Experts say that the social media style guide is a reference sheet that you should abide by. It gives you an overview of what your social media goals are. You need to achieve these goals for promoting and marketing your business. It covers the layout of your post, the words you should use and the dos and don’ts of posting.

Many business owners struggle to keep up with their social media marketing posting, and this is why they hire people for the job. Most of them do not know what to post online. It is here that having a style guide helps. You can make your social media platforms run very smoothly with them. For social media success, even on Instagram, consistency is the key. When you create a style guide for Instagram or other social media platforms you can avert these inconsistencies and work on a better social media presence. This also helps you to increase Instagram followers and get the competitive edge in the market. Even a basic style guide can spark off your creativity.

Social media style guide for Instagram what should you include?

Remember, every social media platform should have its style guide as they are different from one another. Here, the details vary. The style of the font, the color, theme and the choice of punctuation are the four basic elements of social media marketing that you must include in your style guide.

The style guide should contain the following elements-

1. Mission statement – This mission statement will reveal why you are using social media for. In short, it is the purpose of using social media for your business. Several business owners use Instagram to promote their business products or connect with like-minded people that are looking for such products. Once you know what your mission statement is for social media marketing, you will get a clear and basic message on what you should post and follow. This is the direction you should be aiming at. You should also be aware of your short and long-term goals when you are looking for social media marketing success with Instagram. You might wish to promote a specific product or service. You may wish to increase the number of followers etc. Determine what you are targeting and make a layout plan that has the right color, theme, fonts, and punctuation to promote your goal. Focus on the basic elements in your social style guide one at a time.

2. Audience – It is vital for you to break down your targeted audience. The most critical point is whom do you wish to reach? When you are working on Instagram or for that matter any social media platform, it is crucial for you to know whom to reach. You should know the age, interests, and tastes of your audience. You should use the relevant keywords that will attract them to your social media profiles. When you are working with your social media style guide on Instagram, incorporate the tastes of your audience in it as well. This might take time and involve trial and error. However, with practice, you will be perfect. When you are focused on building an audience, it is crucial for you to check your analytics and make changes as and when needed. Always ensure that all your followers lead the content you post online.

3. Voice of your brand – When you are communicating with your audience on Instagram and other social media platforms, keep the voice of your brand informal. You should pay attention to how to create that informal tone and check on the choice of words, tone, and layout. This has to be noted in your style guide as well. You must be aware of how you should present yourself to others, how cheerful and motivating are you and more. Your tone must be reliable and relevant to the content you are putting forward. Keep a list of keywords, adjectives, and punctuation handy when you are working on your social media style guide.

Last but not the least, ensure that you maintain the specific dimensions for your images when you post them on Instagram and other social media websites. You will find that every site has their specific dimensions for posting and you should take note of that in your style guide. This will save your time on editing.


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