Expert Suggestions to Drive Your Instagram Traffic to Your Website to Boost Social Media Marketing

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With over 500 million daily active users, it is quite natural to find 40 percent of all the Fortune 100 companies on this versatile social media platform for growing their overall reach. With the perfect approach, you could witness a terrific return for your endeavors and effectively step up your target audience engagement and boost conversions. You must make a strong commitment to share superlative content, step up your overall engagement, and stay truly consistent if you wish to see the anticipated results in the long run.

Expert Suggestions to Drive Your Instagram Traffic to Your Website to Boost Social Media Marketing

The success of your social media marketing strategy depends largely on how well you leverage the power of this robust and vibrant social media platform. Instagram has been gaining phenomenal popularity, unmatched high engagement rates, and rapid growth. Even though Instagram has all the positive characteristics of marketing gold, we know that it is pretty challenging to drive substantial traffic organically to your website because of less scheduling and linking options. However, there is a huge amount of potential for effective engagement on this platform.

According to, “With more than 1 billion active users globally in social networking, Instagram has rapidly risen as a must-use station for companies to connect with clients. The photograph and video sharing program sees over 70 million picture uploads daily and based on Forrester in its own 2015 evaluation of the top 50 Global manufacturers, Instagram is still the undisputed king of per-follower interaction speed.”

We have asked for professional advice and suggestions from social media experts on effective ways for driving more traffic from Instagram back to a website. Covering all aspects of marketing strategy right from optimizing your Instagram bio link straightaway to branding, let us examine the following few tips on effective ways of driving traffic back to your website from Instagram.

Effectively Using Links in Your Instagram Bio

When you post a photo or a unique Instagram story, you must consider updating your bio for linking to that specific product or story. Most of the link clicks on your Instagram bio actually come from users visiting your Instagram bio and clicking spontaneously on the link present there. In this fast-paced digital era, nobody is willing to waste time copying and pasting a link that is present in the description of any of your posts. It is a good idea to use an effective link shortener and a consistent tracking service for your link that is present in your bio. This way you could keep tracking accurately the number of users coming to your website from Instagram.

Think about Using Catchy Captions & Enticing Contests

Instagram is not inherently link-friendly for an average business or organization. An effective way of encouraging Instagrammers or visitors to your Instagram account is to click on the only link that has been included in your bio via the use of engaging and appealing captions. Whether you seem to be linking to a brand new blog post, or to an event hosted by you or to a job opening, it has been proved beyond doubt that concise and catchy captions are an effective way of convincing other Instagrammers to visit your Instagram profile and then click on your bio’s sole link or URL. In this context, you must keep in mind that Instagram contests could be a perfect way of enticing users to click on the URL present in your Instagram bio. You may leave an instruction such as ‘Follow the link present in my bio & enter your email address and your name’. Another effective technique of encouraging users to follow your link directly to the landing page is by offering freebies. This could also, help in effectively boosting auto IG likes.

Consider Using a Branded Link

The Link present in your Instagram bio is supposed to be the primary link which drives traffic organically to your website. However, you must try and use branded links which would be featuring exclusively your brand name, where the link would be leading to, and a keyword. This branded link not only boosts trust and brand awareness among your specific target audience, but it could also, get relatively high CTAs as compared to the generic short URLs. As your link present in the Instagram bio requires constant updating, you may consider using a competent and helpful link management tool such as Rebrandly which allows you to effectively edit the precise destination of the given URL. You could easily boost brand awareness and visibility with branded links. Moreover, branded links are great for making you stay way ahead of the competition and standing tall among the rest.

Focus on Including a Call-to-Action

As per some experts, you could at once notice a boost in traffic to your website from your Instagram account because of two things. Firstly, because of scheduling your Instagram posts on Planoly for preparing and then engaging in real-time, you could boost traffic to your official website. Secondly, by generating an authentic Instagram Story each and every day and by giving your target audience a CTA for clicking the link present in your bio to direct more traffic to your website.

Concentrate on Being Consistent

You need to be consistent in your stories and your feed if you wish to boost conversions on Instagram and even drive more traffic to your website. You need to tell your target audience the precise reason why they must consider examining your website. If you are having more than 10 K followers, simply ‘swipe up’. In the case, you are having less than 10K, the best way of boosting conversion rates by using a link in your Instagram bio. You simply need to keep your directions simple and organic and include precisely the reason why an Instagrammer needs to go to your website.

Conclusion: Consider Seeking Inspiration from All Other Accounts

You must focus on curating truly high-quality content which your targeted customer finds fascinating and appealing. You must browse through the top five Instagram accounts that are known for their phenomenal popularity and are followed by your target audience. You need to focus on emulating their content schedule and pattern of posting and you have the liberty to give it your own twist. Divert all your endeavors to design a feed which is expected to attract a lot of followers you are looking for.

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