Modern Ways for Modern Recruitment

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When a business needs to find tech support people, it can be a real problem. The field of technology changes so rapidly that the personnel needed yesterday might not be the same personnel needed next year. There are hundreds of different career paths to follow when applicants have computer skills. People with degrees in computer science quite naturally want to choose a job that advances their career.

Modern Ways for Modern Recruitment

Some help desk personnel can put in the time and effort to keep their skills on the cutting edge of today’s technology, while others really struggle. With today’s aging workforce, many tech specialist people choose to retire rather than keep trying to keep up with new hardware, new software, and new ways of doing everything. This leaves many tech jobs open and fewer people to fill them.

Another Way to Hire People

Hiring managers who keep up with the changing times know what a virtual career fair is the current way to attract talent. A virtual career fair will allow employers to hire the cream of the crop in the field of computer sciences.

Not only does a virtual career fair help businesses find tech support people, but a career fair is helpful in any other industry as well. For example, nursing is another career field where it is sometimes hard to find good candidates. A human resources manager can hold virtual career fairs that are targeted only toward nurses.


These career-centered job fairs have many advantages over the old-school way of hiring talented people. The old way of looking for applicants was to put an advertisement on Craigslist or one of the hundreds of other recruiting websites and then hope for the best.

Then the prospective applicants email a resume. This has turned out to be a nightmare.

Many recruiting websites allow applicants to upload a generic resume. Then the applicant can choose keywords that they feel relate to their qualifications. The recruiting website automatically sends their resumes to any advertisement that contains that keyword, whether or not it pertains to that career.

The hiring company can be inundated with irrelevant resumes. For example, perhaps a hospital wants to hire a nurse. It may end up getting 150 resumes from people who say they “I was a nurse to an ailing relative in their final days.” Although the applicant has no nursing experience or nursing degree, the website will still send out the resume because it keyed in on the word “nurse.”

Career Fairs

When a company needs a specific skill, the best thing to do is hold a virtual career fair. This is a better way to get people who are actually following that career path.

At virtual career fairs, the website is set up in booths, just like at a real job fair. When the attendees first log in to the career fair, they will be able to see all the employer booths. Then the candidate can plan where he would like to stop. The employers are able to post open positions at their company on the virtual booth and can give presentations about the company.

Candidate Queuing System

A great advantage of virtual career fairs is the way the virtual job fair platform can be set up to narrow down the number of applicants chosen to talk to. As the employer is doing one-on-one chats with various applicants, they can line them up for follow-up video and voice chats. This way the employer doesn’t waste time on people who don’t have the right experience or qualifications, and the applicant is free to move on to another booth if they aren’t chosen.


Especially when a company needs IT people, it is often hard to find people in a certain specific locality. The hiring company may be in a remote location where there aren’t any computer science graduates. Virtual career fairs allow businesses to attract applicants from anywhere in the country.

There may be someone who meets the exact qualifications but lives on the other side of the country. They might be wanting to move out of a big city to a small town. That’s the beauty of virtual career fairs. An applicant gets a chance to advance his career and an employer gets a good employee.

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