What Makes Sagoon a Shopping, Browsing, e-Commerce and Social Networking Site

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Talking about social networking sites, various e-commerce, and shopping sites, they are innumerable in the row even hard to count. But finding a combo of all these apps in one is unique and exciting. There are very few sites which perform all these functions, fortunately, Sagoon is also one such social networking site which provides a tribune to the people where they can share their emotions, confessions at the same time earning could also be done through it. More if you are shopaholics, then this is the suitable place for your shopping where you will get rewards for shopping. Let us dive more rooted in the matter and understand the app in a better way.

What makes Sagoon a shopping, browsing, e-commerce and social networking site

How Sagoon Differ from other Social Networking Sites

The one thing that makes it better and unique to its users is the way by which Sagoon users can share and confess theirs secretes to unknown people without hesitation. Many times, it so happens with us that we need public opinion on a particular topic but cannot divulge our secret to them, due to some privacy reasons. But Sagoon is not like other social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp where your identity is not hidden. So with the help of Sagoon, you can take necessary advice from people.



Features of Sagoon and their use

When you open the app after signing up, you will come across three icons which are MY DAY, SECRET and MOODTALK. By clicking on MY DAY icon which is the first one, you will be able to decide the activities you are going to perform throughout the day on Sagoon. Then next icon comes in SECRET which provides you a platform to share your emotions secrets and ask for public opinions on them. Finally, in the end, MOODTALK helps you to chat with people by selecting the type of chat you want to do.




You can use Sagoon as e-commerce site as well by carrying out different activities on it. These activities include shopping and browsing through Sagoon. Yes, you will earn some money as the reward for shopping using Sagoon.

It is an excellent way to talk with people and share your secrets when you don’t find a reliable person for this purpose in your social surrounding. These unknown people cannot pose any threat of splashing your secrets to others.

Popularity of Sagoon among People

Initially, when the app was launched in America and Nepal, it could able to draw many users towards itself. But now with the passage of time, people have started showing their interest in it. A recent study shows that there has been a massive increase in the popularism of Sagoon among people for its various luring features that fascinate the people. So we can expect a good future of the app in coming couple of years.

Now some Drawbacks that Sagoon Possess

Although the app is doing exponentially well in the market to increase its users every day, at the same time there are also few drawbacks that Sagoon possesses. They are: –

  1. It does not have a good user interface, I have gone through the reviews and opinion of people about the app, and everyone is complaining that they are not getting the exact idea about how to use the app.
  2. Sometimes various issues arise when you share your secrets to unknown people, in few cases security threat has been detected where people have disclosed their personal information.
  3. It gives a very little money as the reward for shopping when we compare it with other e-commercing sites like getting to paid sites.
  4. Accessible through android mobile phones only and limit its use to the ios users, which decrease its number of users.


But above drawbacks are not posing any threat to the popularity, and growing users of Sagoon as borderline exceptional cases exist everywhere, and nothing is new in the fact of Sagoon.

If you are reading this review to make a decision, whether to install the app or not, I will suggest this app to each one of you. It is entirely different to Facebook and other favourite social networking sites. Many people say that Facebook is far better than Sagoon, but my perspective says both of them are best at their place as each one of them is serving a different purpose. If you are an android phone user only then you will be able to install it on your phone. Install the Sagoon app from Here


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