What Are the Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2018

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It’s the period of mobile communication as most of the people are addicted towards the usage of mobile irrespective of their age factor. In fact, people not only prefer mobile but they prefer such type of a smart phone which ease them much more as smart phones are facilitating the people with lots of facilities by allowing people to download different types of apps in their smartphones.

What Are the Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2017

Social media is the group of online correspondences channels committed to group based information, association and content-sharing. No one feel comfortable without communication with each other as viral of internet addict people to communicate with each other frequently, that’s the basic reason of popularity of social media trends around the world. Xiaomi covers in Pakistan are also viral same like the social media trends.



1. Social Messaging

Now is the ideal time appropriate for the world to begin chatting with machines. However, not just with any machines. Machines that are more intelligent than we’ve ever encountered before. Smartphone users are using different chat apps around the world.

Social networking becomes informal as chat apps espouse more and more social highlights. Gatherings and informal communities have since quite a while ago controlled the discussion around occasions, interests, outings and diversions. In 2017, we have seen increasingly chat applications offering channels for this sort of correspondence and most common chat apps are Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

2. Videos

A major social media trend in 2017 is about videos as most people feel special by sharing their most precious moments with their beloved ones as different platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and others providing this amusing experience to their smartphone users. These platforms provide ease as people will be able to shoot videos with their cameras and just upload it.

3. Anonymous Messages

People are always curious to listen what other thinks about them, but confessions are not an easy task without anonymity. So Sarahah app is here for all those people who wants to say something to others without revealing their identities. They can send anonymous messages to their friends, teachers, family or boss. It is trending like nothing else.

4. Live streaming

2017, the time of the Live Stream. Like fleeting substance, this is as crude as social media networking can get … totally capricious and unscripted. Live streaming is right now accessible crosswise over both Facebook and Instagram and just available in that exact time, once it’s over it’s away for good.

Live streaming for marketing is mainstream for Q&A’s with bloggers, effective business people, celebrities and in addition social news platforms, for example, Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed News accomplished the most elevated Facebook live hit to date by spreading something as basic as a detonating watermelon explore. The 45 minute live stream connected with more than 800,000 users.

5. E-commerce

Social media E-commerce is become a powerful opportunity for sales. The brands which wants popularity among public drastically. They use E-commerce to sale their products as they want to grab attention of people more and more to increase their annual year revenue. People also wants ease in each aspect, even they want to do shopping with coziness so they prefer to purchase products online without any hazard. So the trend of E-commerce or online shopping is high as people have to make simple registration through an app on their smart phones and as a consequence they receive their desired products at their door.


6. Artificial intelligence lenses

The trend of artificial intelligence lenses which is known as filters is on peak with the popularity of Facebook and Snapchat. These filters makes the network more intuitive, appealing and remarkable. Snapchat’s facial filters are more popular as compare to others as Snapchat is maintaining its rank in social media. Snapchat surely has their own cut of the pie with 150 million dynamic users and grown-ups between the ages 18-34 utilize the system daily. Youngsters keep on spending a lot of time on these highlights and the fight for facial focal lenses could warm up in 2017.

7. One click away ride

The social media trend is not common just for shopping, to share videos, share trips with pictures but more than this like riding or traveling. With the advancement in social media platforms there is a platform for ease of smart phone users. Smartphone user can enjoy a ride by downloading an app on their smart phones and make a single click and they get luxurious car on their door step.

8. Tweeting

It’s always been a common interest of people to know the opinion of others on some hot and trending topic, issue or personality. People like to express their opinion on public platform where it can be reached by others as well. Youngsters are fonder of expressing their thoughts without hesitation as they want freedom of words. So tweeting has always been trending on social media because there is always something happening in the world which grabs people attention and make it trending all over the social media.

9. Stories

From books now on smart devices stories are always liked by people. Difference is that now people can record their own stories and share it with their circle. This feature got so much attention that now every social app has this feature.

10. Status

Only text as status , nah not now because people believe more in sharing their live experiences with world  for which words are not enough it’s time for pictures filters and videos. This feature in different apps is getting lots of attention and appreciation and hence trending in this time.


Social media trends are playing positive role in most of the fields of life. These trends are effective for public as they can accomplish their daily jobs easily. People feel special by using these social media apps or platforms as most of the apps are for the enjoyment and fun. The trends of social media will not stop here. In fact, it upsurges with the passage of time, with advancement in technology and with cumulative interest of people.

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