Laptop vs Tablet: Which Device is Right for You?

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Tablet vs laptop: the battle rages. You are probably going back and forth between laptop or tablet. Is a laptop touch screen the same thing? It takes more than looking into laptop vs tablet pros and cons to solve the laptop vs tablet debate.

What do you need to determine what is best for you? Here is your ultimate guide.

Laptop vs Tablet: What is Better?

Laptop vs Tablet - Which Device is Right for You

When determining a tablet or laptop, there are a few things to consider. For a laptop, consider the laptop screen size. You can use a laptop as a monitor in a home setup to get the most out of your time.

For tablets, is a big tablet the same as using a laptop? How much more efficient can a tablet pen make you? Looking into the device pros and cons is an important first step. You might find that you skew heavily one way or another.

Device Functionality

What is your space like? What is your day like? A small laptop desk may work perfectly if you don’t use a lot of space. A portable laptop desk is great on the go. If you work at home, a mechanical keyboard laptop maybe key. You can even learn how to use a laptop as a monitor, too.

Tablets, meanwhile, usually work on the go. Consider tablet weight and functionality. The lightest tablets out there offer a lot of features, but do they hold up to the demand that you are putting it under? These are important questions to ask along the way.

Device Operating System

What about the laptop operating system? The device operating system is often times why someone goes with one device over another. Operating system security is also of the utmost importance. You keep important information on your devices and don’t want someone to compromise that.

A laptop operating system can also vary greatly from a tablet OS. They have different functionality and design, making the user experience vastly difference. That is primarily why some people stick with one developer for long periods of time.

Processor Types

How fast can your machine go? Processor types, like the external processor for a laptop or a quad core processor tablet, is hugely important. What is the laptop processor upgrade compatibility on the device you are looking at?

Don’t overlook the laptop cooling fan, either. Your processor can get very hot given the workload that it puts in. If it can’t stay at a proper temperature then you run the risk of your machine becoming inoperable. Make sure that every component can run properly and receives proper airflow.

Display Size Comparison

Display size is a major factor as well. The laptop screen is often larger than a large screen tablet. A laptop display also comes down to more than laptop display size. Many come with HD functionality, giving users a theatre experience in the comfort of their own homes.

This is perhaps the biggest difference. Tablets inherently have smaller displays. That can limit their usefulness given certain situations.

Storage Capacity

Storage difference save narrowed between laptop storage and tablet storage. You might be harder pressed to find a laptop memory card, something that would increase storage on your laptop back in the day.

Laptop memory is another important feature. Having a powerful processor is great but if it can’t store the required memory, it struggles. On a tablet, check to see if there is a tablet memory upgrade. The standard memory may not work for your needs. If you can upgrade, it at least gives you flexibility going forward with your tablet.

Type of User Interface

The difference between a laptop interface and tablet interface is narrowing. Tablets and even smartphones are developing device interface that is similar in nature to desktop and laptop computers, making the transition less impactful.

Interface and comfort are also major reasons why consumers stick with a certain manufacturer over others. Ease of use is important as not all of us are electronic experts. We want to glean the benefits of these devices, not battle just to perform basic functions. That is where the interface can become an invaluable part of the end user experience.

Type of Battery

Yeah, it’s cool that your device has a ton of features, but what if it dies sooner rather than later? Check out your laptop power supply and laptop power cord. You may be able to find a laptop power adapter that can fit any kind of plug.

When the time comes for a new laptop battery, make sure that you get something compatible. There is nothing worse than shelling out for a new battery only to find out that it isn’t quite what your laptop needs. Batteries are lasting longer but you still have to take steps to ensure that you get the greatest life out of yours.

Which Device is Right for You?

So, you’re still asking yourself which is better: laptop or tablet. The debate of laptop vs tablet comes down to what you plan to use it for. The laptop touchscreen is providing a lot of the same functionality that a tablet offers, giving them greater versatility.

Some prefer the larger screen and traditional operating system navigation that a computer provides. Others prefer the flexibility and mobility that a tablet provides. With the shift to apps more and more, tablets may hold an edge in terms of overall compatibility from their counterparts. But each of these devices are powerful, smooth devices that allow you to access whatever you need.


Ultimately it comes down to user preference. The differences between the two types of devices have narrowed and they really are more similar than ever before. Still, certain situations call for certain types of device.

The tablet is great for someone constantly on the go with little time to settle down. Laptops have more heavy-duty storage and processing power and largely have more display space. 2-in-1 combos may be the best of both, offering functionality from each to provide a perfect fit.


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