Ideal Luggage and Clothing Ideas for Beach Trip

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The summer holidays are approaching, and the sea is already seen, we are lying in the sand drinking a cocktail. But before leaving, it is inevitable the headache of making the ideal luggage to go to the beach! We help you a little among so many options and so little space in the suitcase.

The selection of clothes that must be made to put in the suitcase must be minimum but not forgetting anything essential is not easy or obvious, and is that with the prospect of spending a few days on the beach, away from our usual environment, there is that go well prepared. So take care of choosing a spectacular beach, we’ll give you a hand with your luggage.

Ideal Luggage and Clothing Ideas for Beach Trip

To not stay three days in front of the suitcase wondering what to put, it is important that you make a small list of what has to be in the ideal suitcase for a trip to the beach. And if there is more space left, much better, so you can bring gifts on the way back!

The essentials for a trip to the coast-

Who says vacation in the sea, says “beach kit”: swimsuits, towel and sunscreen. It does not matter a two pieces or a single, bikini or trikini, the swimsuit is not what will occupy you in the ideal suitcase, unless you want to make a parade and take a dozen … So do not skimp and take some spare you never know if you will need it. In that case, it is worth “just in case”.

The towel, however, is usually quite fat in general and occupies, therefore, a little more space. Here you have several options. If you go by car, you can even carry it in a bag and sit in the seat on it. If you need to put it in the suitcase, put it down completely so that you realize immediately the place that you have left for the rest of the clothes. Today they are also very fashionable cloth scarves for the beach that occupy much less and can serve you perfectly with a small gym towel in case you need to dry some concrete area. In short, it is a very useful solution if your space is very limited.

What clothes to wear to the beach?

Wear Wholesale Kid Clothes, for example, linen, cotton, silk… and wide clothing. Choose also thin dresses, short or long, to have the possibility of choice but without taking two thirds of your wardrobe. For a walk around the town in the morning or at night, provide clothing. Linen trousers, jeans or cotton shorts, a short and / or long pareo … Also prepare some elegant dresses at night, without taking all the gear, but to be a little more dress than day. You have carte blanche to choose the shirts that you will put with shorts or miniskirts. Think also of the tunics, with small flowers to go to fashion. A small tip: do not forget a cardigan or vest, you never know if at night a little wind can blow … Moreover, think that there are summer destinations that even if they have a beach or a nearby natural pool, does not necessarily mean that are very warm places …

The footwear of our ideal suitcase

The flip flops are the essential shoes to go to the beach. It is useless to try to go with heels or high shoes on the sand, the flip flops are much more appropriate and much more comfortable! In addition, there are hundreds of options even to go to fashion, and of course do not forget about sandals or, maybe a pair of heels, in case you go out at night to dine by the promenade or a party. To gain room in the suitcase, do not take one for each dress. The same pair can be for several.

Also check out the weather forecast of the place you go to. If it is close to your city, it will probably be hot, but if you are going to a more paradisiacal destination (like the ones we propose in this album) maybe the weather combines sun and heat with storms, so it may be that help to decide on the type of footwear or the material of that footwear.

Finally, do not forget a beach bag! Large and straw, where you can slip a towel, sunscreen and everything you need. Among those elements that are not essential but that can be very useful for your holidays we find everything: after sun, moisturizers, wipes, rubber bands to pick up hair, some book or magazine, an mp3 to listen to some music, the charger mobile, the camera, some cards, a straw hat … Fun will be guaranteed!

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