Holidays to Cambodia: A Reflection of Scenic Beauty and a Treasure of Fun

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“Look, at the stunning sunrise view,” said one of the visitors of Cambodia. It’s almost flabbergasted to see the view of the rising sun from the Angur Wat. Cambodia, as a country is fast becoming a favorite destination for solo, family, and friends trips. It offers a mix of pristine beaches, stunning temples, paddy fields, great shopping destinations, floating villages, and of course, beauty wherever eyes go. So, before rejecting or selecting the place, it becomes mandatory to explore the inside-out of the country. So are you ready for it?

Holidays to Cambodia- A Reflection of Scenic Beauty and a Treasure of Fun


Good, common, let’s go.

Angkor Wat

Cambodia Holidays is incomplete without Angkor Wats. The jack card in the pack is the beautiful and marvelous structure of Ankwar Wats, standing and shining for 900 years. That’s quite a long time, isn’t it? Once added in the list of must-see destinations of the world, its magic is unfadable. The structure is the result of the hard work of almost 300,000 workers and 6,000 elephants. Its view is spectacular during the early sunrise. Thousands of people gather together early in the morning to capture their soul-treating moments from this place. Temple is accessed from Siem Reap. The structure is a golden symbol of the Khmer dynasty in terms of architectural skills and knowledge. To explore each and every corner of this place, one needs to spend at least three days. So be prepared with the days’ plan.

Phnom Penh

The capital city of the country is no less than a living example of a perfect balance between vibrant life and architectural treasure. One hand, you will find cafes brewing fresh coffee, people running with an active life, and on the other hand of the city is so calm and beautifully crafted with structures like the National Museum, Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng museum. National museum takes you during the period of Khmer rule while the Tuol Sleng museum speaks about the terror and brutality that people of this country has faced during the Khmer dynasty. Its Royal Museum is the live example of artistic skills and treasury of the native people. The city is a complete package to explore on Holidays to Cambodia.

Sihanoukville Beaches

Located in the Province of Kompong Som, it’s a complete package for all types of beachgoers. Ochheuteal Beach and the Serendipity Beach area is known for the party mood, where the party animals can party like anything from dusk till dawn. There you will find great food and accommodation option. While Sokha Beach and Independence Beach is a treat with all the luxurious hotels and luxurious services, basically you will find all the Richie-Rich (hahaha) there. Otres beach is your ultimate destination especially if you are a peace lover.

This place allows you to go & relax and talk on the beach. This is the best place to enjoy “me-time” in the lap of nature. Here, you’re gonna find all the best and affordable food options along with affordable hotels to stay. So, whatever be your type, this is the place for all.


Dolphin always brings a smile on the face even when we are watching them on television or mobile phone. Want to see dolphins in Cambodia? Great, we got a place for you, it’s called Kratie. Spread along the river Mekong, this place is playing a significant role in the economy. The dolphin watching tour attracts tourists from all over the country and outside. This forced the government to take necessary measures in environment preservation and conservation. Here visitors can enjoy the boat tour too.

Tonlé Sap

In the condition of excessive pollution across the globe, come and spend some time in freshness. Want to see Asia’s freshest lake? Then come to Tonlé Sap. Home of around 170 floating villages, the lake is a great source for the irrigation of country and food. Here, shops, churches, home, school, and everything is floating as they are built with bamboo and barrels together. The only mode of transportation is a boat. Doesn’t it sound crazy? Imagine how beautiful the view will be.


If you wish to understand feel the authenticity of the country, surely there is no way to miss out on its village side. The journey to Battambang offers you this chance; the journey is covered with the countryside rice fields, tiny villages, smiling folks, playing kids, and the Battambang is standing proudly holding the beauty and history on each hand. When in Battambang, make sure to take the ride of the bamboo train. The giant idol of the lord is likely to give peace in the disturbed and trouble-filled life. Travel to Battambang from Siem Reap on the bike to enjoy authentic Cambodia.

All those who love to travel and wish to explore the beauty of SouthAsia, booking the Cambodia Tour Package should be your next task. From the ancient temple to the rural side to the buzzing cities, everything is so much sorted here.

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